Istiqdam appointment Riyadh

Hello all.

I am trying to booking an appointment with Istiqdam in Riyadh, however when doing this via Absher it just states no appointment available. Has anyone else experienced this before.

It does not even show the table and regardless or the times weeks in advance. I'm desperately wanting to submit my documents for this but I just seem to have met a dead end trying to get an appointment.

Please help Amy advice, I must go in as I can't apply online.

Same here brother.. i am trying for the same.. I am planning to go to some other province if not available in next 1 week.. if you get any details, pls let me know as well..

Same here, from Jeddah.

What I have got to know is that only book the appointment in the province where your Chamber of Commerce attestation happened. Not sure how true it is otherwise I was planning to go to Dammam but I and my company are in Riyadh so seems like waiting is the only option.

I went to some agents near to Jawazat office but a big communication problem (they don't speak English) still I managed to find a guy who could understand but did not get any solution.

Pls help if you get any details.

@Terence Martin

Hi after how long did u get the appointment finally?

We are in a similar situation and no appointments are showing up.


The small technique is to check for isteqdam office availability in mid night times , this is how i got appointment or you have to select appointment in the following month.