SOCPA registration Cancelled


Guys!!  my SOCPA membership showing Invalid. it was expired in Feb 2021 but i did not renewed it,  there is no option there for renewal showing. can anyone faced similar issue? i need help. i want to renew it and make it valid.

The membership status is "Temporary Accounting Technician"

Hello Yasir29feb,

I hope that this issue will be solved very soon.  :idontagree:

I invite you to check the existing threads on Socpa in the Riyadh forum, it can be helpful.

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Priscilla Team  :cheers:

I think there will only be certain period to enable renew your membership, note that in 2020 I believe it was waived coz as per my experience supposedly I should have renewed mine and since its still valid till  9/2020 however because my iqama is about to renew also by 9/2021 i did not renew the socpa membership yet but then in early of 2021 there was a noticed that i should have to renew it though my iqama is still valid and take action to avoid any problems since socpa renewal is required to be able renew also the iqama. Now my iqama will expire by aug which socpa is valid and to expired by 04/2022.

I am facial same issues Brother

Got any help?

Any solution for change the profession from accountant.

Hi..did you get renewed..?

My socpa membership  showing under cancelled / invalid status

Reason given is clear copy of transcript mark sheet not attached.
Now I have attached the clear copy on  dated 16th Sept 21.
Do anyone have any idea how many days it will get to normalize the status from invalid to valid status.

Bro i havealso same problem
I send mail to socpa my degrees and accadmic they told need to attaend exam
What we can

Same here but i didn't attached again bcz windows blocked how u uploaded again

Bro its still showing cancelled or solve the issue
Please tell me bcz ihave a also same problems

Dear All,

i have just renewed my SOCPA membership, the process is simple, i have visited their regional branch along with my valid and original degree, they asked me to send all these via email to their regional email account and that is it, they open the ID on website and i paid the fee of 300 SAR.
i received an email that SOCPA is opening the my account temporary basis meanwhile they will verify my credentials.

Hi did you renew your socpa membership or still invalid

My iqama was expired on 12th September. And SOCPA registration renewal date was 22nd September. My company renew my iqama on 11th September without renewal fees of SOCPA.
Today I receive sms from SOCPA "Dear Advanced NOOR SYED
We apologize for not accepting your request for not meeting the conditions
I wish you good luck
Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants"

When login my SOCPA account it is showing Status "Invalid/Cancelled"

Is there any one have any idea about this?

How to solve this "Invalid/Cancelled" Issue?

If any one have any information please share it..

Thank in advance...

did you find any solution regarding iqama renewal or changing profession

i have just renewed my SOCPA membership, the process is simple, i have visited their regional branch along with my valid and original degree, they asked me to send all these via email to their regional email account and that is it, they open the ID on website and i paid the fee of 300 SAR.
i received an email that SOCPA is opening the my account temporary basis meanwhile they will verify my credentials.

Please check my previous comment for prosedure.

Did anybody find a solution to SOCPA member ship canceled status? My membership status showing canceled and membership details showing invalid. I renewed my membership 7 days ago when it was active and showing an expiry date of 05-Oct-2022. In remarks Column, it is showing عدم ارفاق السجل الاكاديمي 3 Failure to attach academic record 3 but I have attached the certificate of Bachelor of Business Management and the certificate not attested by the Saudi consulate. Please advise what are the options available for me and whether my iqama will be renewed this time as the expiry date is 05-Oct-2022

Hi bro Yasir
Pls share their email. I also want to upload my documents again

[email protected]

Dear I am facing same problem, I have done bachelor in commerce and MBA in finance, I visited the branch and they told me that your master is not accepted because degree is in finance and they only need accounting degrees. Secondly they accept my bachelor degree but only accepting 12 credit hours and I have to complete 3 more hours to get sopca. Can anyone advice what should I do? Can I transfer my profession or should I go for 3 credit hours in Saudi online university?

Dear friends as I send before that my SOCPA registration is showing invalid/cancelled.
Alhamdulillah now it is active up to 17/10/2022. I visited to SOCPA office in Khobar with Original Degree as well as 3 years Mark sheet. They check my documents and calculate credit score as per there rules.
They need 15 credit hours each accounting subject having 3 credit score. Subject which I studied in mention below.
1. Financial Accounting
2. Corporate Accounting
3. Cost Accounting
4. Management Accounting
5. Auditing
6. Indirect Tax
7. Income Tax
After finish this process they told me to send email to activate the Registration.
For your reference I attached my email which I send to them…
Dear Sir,
Please activate my SOCPA registration no.
Last week I received an email from SOCPA that mentioned your registration invalid. I visited SOCPA office at Al-Khobar which is located in "Eastern Cement Company" Fifth Floor office No. 502, with my original documents, after checking all the documents and Calculate Credit hours Score they satisfied and they advise me to attach all documents and send email to above address. Your account will be activated.
I would like to request you to please activate my account.
Thanks in advance.
Iqama No:-
SOCPA Reg. No:-
Mobile No:-
Today I received SMS: - Dear Advanced NOOR SYED
The educational qualification is being verified and you can use the temporary professional registration certificate until the verification is completed
Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants

I don't know how many days it will take for verification.

My sponsor says they can't get my iqama renewed as Ministry of Labor had not allowed it yet.
Anyone has update or can advise?

Dear Noor,
Please advise, they're accepting diploma in acccounting and finance? With 32 credit hours.? I have 2 year diploma in accounting and finance and now it is currentlty under attestation from mofa Pakistan. My membership canceled and showing invalid. The expiry date is December 2021 but they make it invalid. They will accept the scan copies or no ?

They will accept diploma.. But there requirements is 15credit hours per subject 3 credit sore... If you have five accounting and auditing subject then it is ok... Just visit your nearest SOCPA Branch with original documents they will check and verify your documents. It will take maximum 15 minit...

Thank you noor,
Can you please specify from institution you did the diploma ? And kindly advise more information

I have completed my B.Com Degree From India.....

Once you completed your attestation just visit your nearest SOCPA office with your original document in sha Allah your problem will be solved.

Hello Noor
I am also facing the same issue.My SOCPA temporary certificate become invalid.after three renwel. Failure to attach academic record.
I have done MBA in Finance,  my Bachelor is BBA
Account /Finance Subjects studied in MBA
1)Accounting for Mangaers
2)Financial Management
3)Advanced Financial Management
4)Mergers,Acquisitions and  corporate restructure
5)Management Accounts and control system
6)International Financial Management
(MBA certificate attested)

Subjects studied in BBA(not attested)

Whether they can combine both degrees to achieve 15hrs? Or which course I should take ? How can complete 15 hrs.

Could you please give me your number to contact you
If possible

hello Noor
How do they calculate Credit score
i Have 2 year diploma
it includes
Financial Accounting
Cost and Management account
Management works

Will they accept my Diploma?

Maybe Your Score Will be Credit Score 9 Hours..
They will advice you to take admission in any university which is near to your location and complete 2 accounting subject which is not match with your present certificate it will consider 6 Score..
1 Accounting subject = 3 Credit Hours

Visit SOCPA office ASAP so you will be get relax..

Just visit to socpa office. in this case maybe they will consider your certificate which is having more credit score... i think in diplma you have 3 subject so your score will be 9 Hours...

They will advice you to complete any 2 accounting subject any university which is near to your location and your score will be 15hours.

in your case degree/diploma if they consider both certificate it will be better. Hope they will consider both.

Hope after visit of Socpa Office you will update us with your case.

i have degree but only attested in India
i dont have saudi attestaion. i am not sure will they accept it or not.
thats why i am i want to show them diploma certificate

Attestation is different issue.
If you have the credit score as per there requirement you can attested it will take 2 or 3 months.
They are checking only Credit Score if you have any problem they will suggest you how to solve it.
No need to be afraid...

could you share your contact number. just want to talk with you

Guys let me share my experience after visiting SOCPA.

I have done MBA in Finance , and my Bachelor degree is BBA.( studied Accounting in Both)

First of all they don't consider any Master degrees other that Master in Accounting/Commerce, or CPA or any other Fellowship program in accounting like CA,ACCA etc.( you can see the approved degree list from SOCPA website)

Secondly if you have completed Bachelor of commerce , you can show your mark list that you have studied 5 accounting subjects at least  ( TAX ONLY subject   they don't consider , if its mention Auditing they might )

or If you have completed other  degrees and studied 15 hrs of accounting i.e.  each accounting subject they will calculate 3 hours, then you can  renew the membership by sending the email.

Lastly if you have any less hours you need to take courses which is accredited by SOCPA. They advise two ways to complete the remaining hours.

1)  Join the course from SOCPA which will be starting from 2022 January onwards.
This  will be  completely in Arabic, you need to just attend the course and no exams. But the fees for this course is SAR 22425/-  Once you join you can request to SOCPA with your student ID they will automatically update your membership
,( I am not sure whether you can join the course earlier , but one thing is sure  once you join you can send your Student ID with all details to SOCPA they will update your membership)

2) Another option is that  you can take remining hours course from Arab open university Saudi Arabia .( Please note that don't take any subjects which you already studied in accounting, select different courses/subjects )    The cost is less, but you need to complete the hours and give them the certificate from university that you have passed the exams.

After that you have to submit all documents to  socpa office
to update the  membership and they will advise us .

Please tell us the fee from Arab Open University if you know?
Can we take admission for only two subjects?
I've heard the Iqama must be Valid to take admission in Arab Open University. If someone's Iqama is already expired what options available.
They are saying to complete remaining credit hours but Not accepting if we already completed in our Master. They want we should complete required hours in local university?

I visited the Arab open university today and got the information that second semesters will start only by Jan 2022. All accounting courses available , Approximate cost in my case  is around SAR 4000/-  Admisson+6 Hours course+ exam ETC. they charge SAR 500/ hour. Valid Iqama is required i think so.

You can see all details  from   their website
but its better you visit or
make a call
(remember  don't take  subjects which you studied already)

If you have done Masters in Accounting / Commerce  and studied at least 5 subjects of accounting, they will accept the same and proceed . They don't consider  any other Master Degrees, this is what the SOCPA person told me.

You can take any courses which  is approved by SOCPA  , Please see below link … ?t=content

Dear brother

I am facing same issue plz can you give me your mobile number