Payment made for Iqama Renewal, but not able to renew

Hi guys,

I have been living in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years and recently I got transfered to another company.
My sponsor deposited money and relevant documents for Iqama renewal.
However he is unable to process the renewal as it says data not available.

Its been more than a week now that my Iqama has expired and even my banks got froze.

I asked my sponsor if we require to visit the Jawazat Office, but he said that would not be required as everything is online now.

the new sponsor should update your record through the Ministry of Labour E Services (online) then details will appear.

also ensure medical insurance is updated under the new sponsor's computer number

Hi Thank you for the reply.

My HR personally showed me all details have already been uploaded into the system.
But when he is trying to renew it is showing the same message.

Now he has also deposited additional 500 as fine.

Medical insurance was the first step he made me do.

I am still confused why it is still not happening.

if you have family in Kingdom you need to make sure the correct dependents fees amount has been paid

That is why I am kinda worried.
I am single without any dependants, medical insurance in place, documents uploaded in system, payment made (Absher Passport fund shows 650+500 fine = 1150 SAR)

Despite all done, iqama is still not renewed.


Your Iqama got renewed or not, please reply with the reason

I am also facing the same issue and needs solution.

i am in the same situation .. is there anyone who can share his experience ...
thank you

Hi everyone,

I am also facing same problem, even after paid iqama renewal fees and other all supporting documents are updated, my iqama is not able to renew,

Please advise if anyone had the same problem before and has now succeeded...

Check if your profession on your Iqama is anything that, either requires registration with a professional body e.g. SOCPA for accountants or is subject to Saudization e.g. Finance 30% Saudization or the recent Saudized professions like real estate etc.

If you are in any of those and your company is not complying with the profession specific Saudization requirements, Iqama cannot be renewed.

is your problem solved or still same condition?
I am facing also same problem. Every thing is updated like insurance , sce .
this problem is facing 7 people in our company, Our HR says its problem from jawazat. kindly share your experience.
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did your problem solved? Same issue with me. Whats the issue?