Work in KSA without data flow and prometric exam Yet


Hope somebody can give me an advice, i am a nurse here in Philippines and just received a job offer from an employer in KSA thru a local agency. the agency told me that i would be deployed in KSA even with out the dataflow and prometric exam yet, they said that i will just settle those things once i arrived in KSA. is that really allowed? or should i insist to take the dataflow and exam here in philippines? i just want to ensure that i will not be in trouble once i got there. Thanks you so much in advance.

You can work in ksa while on process of your dataflow and prometric exam but it's better to have dataflow and exam before leaving our country. Ang hassle mag ayos dito!.

Be sure you comply on what category you will belong. It's hard to change it once. If you're a nurse working on specialty dept you should take nurse specialist rather than technician.

Hi maranthony,

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, i will just process my dataflow and prometric exam here in the Philippines first. for my peace of mind n din once madeploy n ako sa KSA, work n lang focus ko. Thanks ha. God bless.

Hi maranthony,

baka may idea ka sa al-hayat medical group jan, any feedback sa company na yan? Thanks in advance.

A piece of advice bro, finish everything in the Philippines your exam and dataflow. Too much hassle if you are going to do it here. Plus the stress of waiting for the dataflow result.

Hi Kualabear55,

Yeah i am currently on process of filling out the dataflow. just to take this chance, why there is no provided space for the middle name in the personal details page? what is there is a spce for first name, last name and alias/maiden name. please help, you might about this. Thanks

@jamesharden, in arab country they don't have middle name. They're adding the name of their father not the last name of the mother. AFAIK.

@jamesharden, sorry no idea sa al-hayat medical group. Pero i tried to search it maliit na hospital/clinic sya.

Hi maranthony,

Thanks for the reply, so it is ok if i dont indicate my middle name as well since there is no space provided for it? im just afraid that it might be a problem in the future.

Hi can i ask im to much depressed now about my coe. I came here almost 2 mos my employer asking me to add my coe because i submitted only 5 mos coe. They did not tell me if i need 1 year  experience I'm first timer here in ksa i dont know the rules. Is it a possible that i can take dataflow even though my experience is 5months only??

Hi Kabayan! Any update with your situation?


Hi can you please tell me how did you solved your experience gap issue? Did you use both coes'?

Hello attitude03,

Kindly note that @jamesharden is no longer active on the forum and so you might not get any answers from him.

I invite you to create your own discussion on the Riyadh forum where you can ask about all your queries.


Yoginee team

@Yaslia02 hello. What happen with your coe?was it settled?mine also I have a problem with my coe also. I am stressed already.


Hi, I just want to ask if a nursing assistant can take prometric exam also here in Saudi Arabia? And what are the requirements to be qualified? Thank you.

Hello everyone,

Can anyone give me some advice or tips if a nursing assistant can take prometric exam here in Saudi Arabia. But my experience in medical field is in here already. And I just graduated nursing assistant last year. Is it possible that I can take prometric exam? And what are the requirements to be needed? Thank you in advance. God bless and stay safe.

@Rhealiza Joy Coloma if you have PRC now and u are BSN in philippines , u can take prometric, but without PRC cannot be, nursing asst here cannot take prometric without license from home country

Hy everyone

Can I get a job in ksa while my data flow and prometric are in process

@iftikharahmadt88 yes you can if it ongoing process, if your eligibility is done, you can have your temporary license to work here in KSA


Can i use a coe for dataflow coming from a hospital i been currently working for 2 months only?

Hello, I am a licensed midwife in the Philippines working here in KSA as clinical assistant non- license  for 6 years. Can I use my experience as clinical assistant to apply in SCFHS to obtain license or need to have experience as midwife? My workmates who are Midwives also have their license as Nurse technician. 


I'm a former employee of Al-hayat Sir. Please process your Prometrics while you're here in the Philippines. They didn't process my dataflow and Saudi Council application at all and now I'm facing some problems because of it. I can't return to Saudi Arabia for at least a year.