What are the Criteria to set up a medical center in Mauritius

What are they required documents needed to run and operate a medical center in Mauritius. I will appreciate any vital information. Thank you guys

Hello Avery Jerome,

You can perhaps try to contact the EDB : http://www.edbmauritius.org/opportunities/healthcare/

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Thanks Bhavna

Hi there,

Do you mean setting up and operating a new medical center?

if that's the case, then it depends on the type of medical center you are setting up as the name itself can be confusing.

A medical center can be only  a small building where different physicians hold appointments with their patients but remains limited to consultations only.

Or a medical center in broader term can refer to an integrated facility where services, treatments and surgeries are performed just like in any hospital.

Either way, this entails quite a big investment and you will have to consult with the EDB as rightly pointed out by Bhavna.
Investment that will come with terms and conditions. Also you will need a wide range of permits, licenses and accreditation from medical bodies and governmental agencies before your medical center can welcome its first patients.

That said, there's room for more medical facilities in Mauritius given also that the country aspired to become a medical tourism hub and locals are always seeking better services and amenities when it comes to healthcare.

Thank you very much Winston

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