Permanent residency for international students in Romania

Hello guys,

I want to find out more information regarding obtaining a permanent residency as a non eu student in Romania.

Having spent 10+ years in the country as a student.
So I believed that I'm eligible to apply for a permanent residency.

But I'll need more information from the honourable in the house.

Thanks in advance

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You first need a temporary residence / stay visa. This visa can be obtained by by foreign citizens who enter Romania with a long stay visa. The temporary residence visa is issued if the applicant has the following

A valid travel document
legal proof of living space
National health insurance

Do you have either of these visas ?

For the permanent residence visa you need the following

Proof of legal and continuous stay of minimum 5 years on national territory with a maximum absence of consecutive 6 months.
Have national insurance
Have means of subsistence - at least the minimum income level guaranteed in Romania
They prove to know the Romanian language at a satisfactory level.
They do not represent a danger to national security.

If you are a student, not working, and do not fulfill all of the above then you will not get permanent residency.

All this information can be found online.

As a student, I've had temporary residence permit for the last 11 years. Continuously.

So I have proof of my documented stay in Romania.

I understand Romanian, and I have national insurance.

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