Requirements for the Invitation Of the Visit Visa

Hello everyone .. Have a happy happy new Year to all .. I am Ann , and still living here in the Philippines ..I have a Roamnian fiance, And we are palnning to aplly this visit visa .. And one of the rquirements is the invitation that is coming from him.. And the problem is the invitation needs some requirements that is coming from him .. Like his property .. My bf has an average living there ..My questions are :
What he is going to do for the invitation of the visa ?
The attorney is telling him that he needs some property to prove . Is it reallly important that you must have a property for the invitation? Since he is still living in his mom's house ..
On the other hand, he has a one unit apartment in Sibiu but then , he said that he still  needs to transfer his Identication Address , this line is coming from the attorney ,  . Now if he is going to change the Address  of all his ID's it takesso much time .. Is it really necessary that you are going to change your ID address ? What are we going to do ?
What are steps that we should have ? We really need your help... We havent seen each others for two years . We are still holding each other  though we are still fighting these stuffs.. Please we need your help my dear friends... Thank you so much .

Hi.Are you planning to get married in Romania?or to visit only?

I am planning to get married nin Romania.

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okay okay .. Thank you so so much @babystorm

@Gyann if you are in manila, kindly check at the Romanian embassy. I applied for my visit visa through their website when I was still in Abu dhabi.
Regarding the invitation, it was my husbands aunt who prepared my invitation. She went to notary public to have it legalized.
If you don't mind, why do you need an attorney?
The content of the invitation is his address (where you will stay), ID number of the invitee..It was not indicated there any property.(i think most of the notary offices has a draft copy of that)
I hope this will help you.

thank you thank you so much..You help us alot on this situation ..

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If your fiance has a unit in sibiu, he should try to visit a notary in sibiu and show them a house contract. Or else, his mom has to be the one that will invite you instead of him.

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