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My wife visa  was reject 2 times in a 2 years becauae i don’t have enought income to prove them. Now i’ve almost 20,400 netto income from finance FOD ..There is any chance they can reject my wife visa now also? Is this enought or not?? can anyone give me a good advice plzzzzz... i’m in in trouble for my wife :( :(

What are the exact reasons mention on your refusal letters?
Moreover for the law says "stable, adequate and regular means of subsistence as provided for in Article 10, § 2 and Article 10, § 5. These means of subsistence must be at least equal to one hundred twenty percent of the amount referred to in Article 14, §1.3 ° of the Act of 26 May 2002 on the right to social integration."
check this link.
https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/NL/Gids … delen.aspx

If the sponsor is self-employed, he can, among other things, receive the last tax bill from the FPS Finance, or the FPS Finances certificate from the future taxes, pay slips from the manager (for example pay slip 281.20 with receipt from the FPS Finance), proof that the sponsor is in order with the social security contributions, the amount of withholding tax or the exemption from this payment, and also all documents that can serve in the calculation of this tax, account statements, and all documents that the sponsor finds useful for the examination of the application submit. Since some time can elapse between the last assessment notice and the filing of the application for family reunification, the sponsor is also advised to present all other documents that can prove his current resources and the continuity of his professional activities (for example: annual accounts, payment of the social security contributions, certificates of the accountant, salary statements, bank account statements, ...).

Hi Bibek, please apply again as you have a good chance to get the visa approved for your wife since your nett income per month is now more than €1,505.78 which is the minimum salary required for family reunification as of now. The amount will increase every few months and at least once a year.

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