Pre-existing health condition and new health insurance

We are looking at moving to Belgium and will need an insurance that allows pre-existing conditions. My husband may work as self-employed  (engineer) or he may choose to work as a permanent employee.
1. Is there an agent/broker that can work with us?
2. Do all insurance companies have to provide for pre-existing?

You posted the same question in the Netherlands forum. Are you moving to NL or to BE ?

We are looking at jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria at this point. Have several headhunters :)

I did a Google search and it seems that most insurance companies will not cover pre-existing health conditions. There a few who will but there is a 2 year period where you cannot claim for those conditions and the premiums are very high.  And there are some conditions they will not cover at all.

Thanks for researching! Was the information only for Belgium or was it a general health insurance in Europe search?

The companies offer worldwide cover.

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