Hospitals and pregnancy

I am interested to find out if anyone has had a baby in an morsel, lier or surrounding hospitals and how much it costs....if you could break it down ie private or public room, gyno fees, etc....just want to prepare for when i need it. I only have basic health insurance (no job) and my boyfriend has hospitalisation which he gets in march but think it'll come after I need it...Is there anything I can do...

Hi Sheree,

it depends on your situation: During your first two years in another EU country, you can keep your national health insurance and get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If that's your case, by all means get one!
You should also know that pregancy and birth are considered unplanned healthcare. Find more details here:

Good luck!

I have an EHIC card which ends in 2018, so could I use this even though I'm registering for ID card and have basic insurance with christelijke mutualiteit...

what do you mean by basic health insurance?

ob gyne fees, hospital bills, etc are surely partly covered by your insurance. however you sometimes have to pay outright first then you can claim a percentage after you get the bill or proof of payment. best to contact your medical insurance company, or take a look at the contract you signed to find out what you are entitled to.

Its also easy enough to get hospitalization insurance on your own. You just apply for it to be added to your normal insurance. Normally you will be covered for some with basic

It's fine now, got a few quotes from hospital bout how much it will cost but now I will be on my boyfriends one so can do luxury and not have to pay loads....

Yeah im the same its like ur health insurance ur sis card but attached to your parents. Person Te Laste in dutch or something along those lines. We then also have extra hospitalization just for extra help. Costs us very little more. But glad your all sorted