Healthcare for dependents in Belgium

Dear all,

I have a question regarding healthcare -

I am employed with a full package of social security including healthcare.  However, would my husband also be covered with no extra charge if he comes as a dependent? What if he only comes for a short period of time with a passport that allows free entry to Belgium?

Also, I learned that I only receive my healthcare after I have an eID card and sign up for social security. Does this mean that I should purchase private healthcare before I leave for Belgium?

Thank you very much for your help!!

Hello Dressupnine,

I am employed with a full package of social security including healthcare.

In which country are you employed ? in belgium ?

Yes, Belgium :)

So in general case you can always include the person who live with you under the same roof. But you have to verify this with your employer (Human ressource if they have)
and general it's a little extra cost few euro or event cents.

For someone put as dependent you should ask them also or take contact with the company who provide them the contract.

good look in your investigation. (and let us know)

Thank you. My husband will not come in a while. We are still not sure if he will just come to visit or as a dependent. If the latter, I will keep the forum updated.  :)

What health care do you have? Are you a member of a mutuality? What level of membership do you have?

If you have "complementary insurance" with a mutuality, you will be paying about 12 euro per month for yourself. For spouses, the cost will also be about 12 euro per month. You can only have this kind of health insurance if you have paid your Belgian social security.

You can pay in addition, or have from your employer paid for, a "hospitalisation insurance" or even higher level of coverage called "ambulatory insurance". These insurances if you are paying yourself are a bit more expensive than the complimentary level, expect 30 to 50 euro per month. You may not find this insurance is worth it, it's a risk, as it covers overnight hospital costs and after-care.

Hi schoolmum,

Thank you for replying. The information is resourceful. Thank you so much.

I haven't arrived yet so I don't know what kind of insurance I have. I guess it would be standard but I don't know if there is extra.

I will work for a fed government institute. I don't know if anything would be different in comparison with benefits in private companies.

You therefore need to ask what health insurance you are going to have, otherwise no-one can answer your question accurately.

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