Mutuality Company in Belgium

Could anyone shed some light over the pros and cons of one mutuality company vs. another (ex. Euromut, Pertenamut, Mutualite Neutre... etc.)?

Thank you in advance.

On my meaning, there are not many differences between mutualities. The one will offer some advantages the other won't. It is also a politic feeling : liberal, christian, neutral ... They are all controlled by INAMI (litterally translated (National Institute of Sickness and Disability !!??) My mutuality is Partenamut and I found much help with the illness and death of my wife. I am diabetic and they help me too. But I don't advertise !!
I hope I could help a little ...

Thanks for the info lrjrx818!!! I read somewhere that one might offer dental coverage, where the other won't! What if I have hospital coverage from my employer, but my husband does not?

I think they're pretty similar, and you just basically choose like lrjrx818 said, with which "political feeling" you wish to support. The govt mandates them to have certain things, so they all have the same base packages, and then offer pretty similar extras. We went with the "liberal" one, if that helps at all, and they were friendly & helpful and the paperwork all went through quickly as well.

Thanks Melby!!!!!!! I was thinking of choosing Partenamut. Any input for them? I have no political feelings at all. Do not know anything about the politics here and from what I have learned about them so far, it would be waste of energy to learn much about them.

Well, I imagine you have at least a general feeling though, right, I mean, if you're not religious you presumably wouldn't want to go with that one, if you are not in favor of socialism you'd not go for theirs, etc, ya know. It's not like you're *really* supporting them or like it really matters that much, but eh, ya just go with what you'd lean more towards.

I don't know anything about that one, their site is only in French, so I'm guessing they're not in Flanders?

Do not have any preferences, and have no clue which one belongs to one or another party or religion or whatever. This one just replied right a way to my e-mail, in English and provided all the documents in English and I was happy enough to consider them. I have heard that all of them offer just about the same coverage... but will see, time will tell as I learn more. I guess if I do not like it, I could always change it next year.