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Is there someone who can help me.....?

I am a nurse in a private clinic working for 6years here in Saudi Arabia
I will exit this coming November end for the reason that I will no longer want to renew my contract.
According to Saudi labor law ESB calculation I will recieve

My last basic salary is 3500sar
How I computed my ESB
Multiplied by 5
Plus my 1 month basic salary
But the problem is that my employer is not giving ESB according to Saudi labor law.
Because He told Us that He is already giving it on our yearly vacation.
15 days for the vacation pay
15 days for Year end bonus
Stated in arabic language
Please help me on what are the steps so I can resolve this problem.
Thanks a lot

Please check the contract you signed with your employer. If you have signed it the way mentioned by your employer, like he has to pay you such amount against holiday then there is no other way out but to accept it. If it was not stated this way, only then it can disputed and can be referred to labor office for resolution.

Take a copy of your contract and go to labor office, they will explain to you everything

Also you can ask labor office directly through the below

* Twitter official account     @MLSD_CARE

* Call them 19911

You must have a copy of your contract

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On our contract it is written that He will give one month basic salary as vacation pay...
I am afraid to go to Ministry of Labor...Do you think I can fight my rights regarding my ESB?

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But I’ve heard I need to be accompanied by a translator because people who works in Ministry of Labor are all Saudi Nationals

The way you have mentioned makes sense to support your case. Firstly because if basic pay was agreed to pay during your vacations then it cannot be treated as end of service. Also end of service is based on full monthly salary including other benefits you are taking.
My suggestion to show the employer your contract (copy of it only) and remind them of their obligations towards you. If they don't agree then tell them that you they are forcing you to reach ministry of labor for support.
Still if it does not work then call the call center as shared by another fellow and see if anybody on call center understand English and check with them whom you need to contact in your matter.

That's a suggestion if you want to follow.

You can translate your contract into english ... Take a copy and go to translatation office then you will get clear picture of your contract terms then you can decide your next move

Thanks a lot..hopefully this will turn out just fine..
Our employer got angry whenever nurse doesn’t renew their contract

Thanks a lot sir...
I got my contract copy in English...
But the pay slip that We signed before our vacation is in arabic and they don’t give us copy of it even We are not allowed to take pictures

Good luck!

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