quite new here, looking for friendship and want to learn french...

Hello everyone,

I am just arrive Brussels for a postdoc job here from UK.  Quite happy to make friends with your guys, perhaps someone can teach me essential french?  M origin is Chinese, I can speak good mandarin as well!



Hello Jo!

Welcome to Expat.com :)


I am new to Brussels too and looking to do some friend networking. Unfortunately I do not speak any French, so I can not help you there. I live in the EU area and am available to meet up for a drink sometime.


Hi Alex,

That's brilliant!! Nice to meet you here!

We can have a drink or hang-around together to explore Brussels city!

This is my email: jingloveuk[at]gmail.com.  Pls just drop me a email about your contact so that we can keep in touch and find a time-slot to hang-around together!

Jo. ;)

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