Meet new people!

Heyyyy! I am Lien from Belgium and now living Rotterdam. I am looking to meet new, fun and interesting people in the area and would love to discover new places in the city as I know there is so much to offer.

I speak Dutch, English, French aaaand a little Spanish.

Anyway, if you feel like chilling, grabbing a drink/coffee, going to the movies/festivals/gym or something else,... please message me!

Have a nice day!  ;)


Hello Lien,

I'm pretty much into what you mentioned, and I would like to join you for a coffee or movie or exploring Rotterdam.  Please let me know if you have any plans.

Good evening.
Best regards,


Hey Lien,
I am from Germany and moved to Rotterdam 4 weeks ago!
I also would like to meet new people! I love Salsa, languages, Sport, musicals etc!
Please let me know if you like to drink a coffee or somehing else:-)
Best regards

Hi Lisa!!

Nice to meet you! Maybe we can add each other on Facebook? seems nice to hang out together! :)

You can find me: Lien Vandenhoeke

Will be easier.... :)

Regards, Lien


From november 2 till november 11 there is the Rotterdam Pop week, maybe it's something you guys can visit. It seems pretty cool with a lot of different music and the most is free to visit as well.
If you have questions about the locations just ask.
The website you can find here

Other things worth visiting to are Blijdorp (zoo), the Euromast, nearby the Euromast is the Tropenmuseum and a nice park.
Ofcourse one of the things you must visit is the Markthal, don't buy stuff there it's very expensive!

If you need any pointers just ask me, I live close to Rotterdam and am a Dutch national.



I whant to know new people as well, and im living in the Netherlands as well love to going to festivals.



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