Update for Pakistan Passport Holders - Today's Events

This is a quick update for Pakistan passport holders which is just a few hours old.

All the details are not clear and will update as this develops.

Apparently, immigration has stopped issuing all new visas (work / visit) as well as renewing existing residence visas for Pakistan nationals.  This much is confirmed based on the interactions between company PROs and LMRA/Immigration after 1 pm local time today.  So far, no news has come out in the papers or through official channels in writing. 

What is not confirmed is if this is a visa ban or also an entry ban i.e. visit visas already issued will allow people to travel or not.  I am trying to find out as I have some relatives coming in on the weekend.

Also what is not known is why it happened and how long will it last.  I hope to know more by tomorrow.

Hello Sir,

what about if someone ( Pakistani national ) already in Bahrain and need to Transfer or renew visa what about them as my visa is expiring on 21 July 2018.

As far as I know, as of today, every single transaction for Pakistani nationals is blocked. This includes new visas, renewals, extensions..... Basically every thing.

The only thing to be clarified is whether they will let people holding approved visit visas enter or not.

So if this doesn't change, you will not be able to renew.

What is the reason and i have investor visa dtamped 2 months ago and right now i am in saudia i have plan to come bahrain tomorrow os re entry is open or not
I have to come from king Fahad Causeway

There is no official reason given.  But what is being said is that it is due to the fact that they discovered 50 forged passports issued by Pakistan Embassy Bahrain.

If you already have a valid residence visa, you can enter and exit Bahrain; no problem.  But as of today, you cannot issue new visas or renew existing ones.  Same for visit visas.

Not sure of how long this will last.

I got entry from king Fahad Causeway today morning
But lets we see when visa ban lifted

Update:  Just now there is a clarification that this is for new applications only i.e. work and visit.  Will post more as I know.

And it seems that they will eventually lift it after adding more requirements for new visas such as police clearance and so on.

It is really a shame that some Pakistani's end up doing these things which makes it difficult for the rest of us who are here legally.

Its means  peoples can renew thair permits but can. Issue new visa

The situation keeps on changing.  No official communication yet.

I have again heard that everything is blocked including renewals.  Also there is an entry ban as well supposedly for males between 18 and 26. 

This is all very fluid as is typical in this part of the world.


The Pakistan Embassy has denied reports that a temporary ban has been imposed on its nationals entering Bahrain. Charge d’affaires Murad Wazir on Thursday dismissed the “rumours” which he said he “personally verified” as “incorrect” from local authorities

Pakistan embassy is an amazingly credible source :)

Today, 2 of our renewal applications and 2 new work visas were returned with the statement that it's on hold. At that time Pakistan embassy officials were in npra, meeting with immigration officials to resolve. This was in the afternoon.

This confirmation published on GDN just before  one hour
Hope its true

Hope so too. We are going to reapply for some visas on Sunday to see.

Thisurl] is posted on Instagram . I assume GDN will be firing the Journalist for creating this commotion and printing flawed information ?

I don't think the information was flawed. Whatever he posted, there was an issue till today. As I said, employers were told the same by lmra / immigration i.e. All transactions for Pakistanis on hold.

Yes  its true but today evening i think problem solved

We will know on Sunday I guess.

As per the Instagram update posted 6hours a go on the GDNonline .

It’s states “the Pakistani Embassy has denied reports that a temporary ban has been imposed on its nationals entering  Bahrain . Charge d’affaires Murad Wazir on Thursday (today) dismissed the rumors , which he said “he personally verified” as “incorrect” from local authorities.

Yes we know. That was posted on gdn.

What I am trying to tell you is that there really was a problem. I know because we as employers faced issues with Pakistani passports since last two days and were categorically told that it was stopped.

We will know on Sunday if it's fixed.

Pakistan embassy is not the best or most credible source btw.

Any update on this case?

Well you can enter Bahrain on valid visit or residence visas; no issue there.

We have sent some applications over in the morning so let's see.

Yesterday we enter in bahrain from causeway i have cor but my friend get 15 days visit visa
Its means every thing is ok
But waiting confirmation from xtang

Yes exactly, they are still giving visa on arrival to Iqama holders.  I entered Bahrain late Thursday night and my driver (Iqama holder only) got the visa on arrival.

Anu update regarding new visa...???/

Renewals working fine.  Off and on issues still with new visa applications.

Any update for new visa plssss!!!!

Read what I wrote above. Still problems with new visas.

Hi. Any update on visas? still issue?

Yes same as last update.

I heard frm some friends 2 weeks visit visa’s r available for Pakistani National, Dont know wheather its true or no🤔

Try your luck.   It works sometimes and for some people it doesn't.

👍🏽 Keep on updating my friend

any updates?

According to some people, after 28july,
But not sure if its true or no.

Yes, update on situation early August.

Is the hold also placed on dependent visa?

Most of the new visas are having problems.

Any new update  or confirmed news about ban
When bam will b lifted

Officially there is no ban.  Unofficially there are problems still.  Since it's not official, the update is not very clear.  Happens day to day.

Any update when ban will be lifted

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