Update for Pakistan Passport Holders - Today's Events

Regarding the Marriage / Birth certificate of spouse / kid, I have done both and in both cases I never did the attestation of Bahrain Embassy in Pakistan. From Pakistan the only attestation I did was from MOFA Pakistan, via Leopards Courier Service. And from Bahrain I did the attestation from Pakistan Embassy and then from MOFA Bahrain (Manama Center), and then applied for visa. No issue at all.

I believe that you have an option, either to get attestation from Bahrain Embassy in Pakistan OR MOFA Bahrain, not both. Better to check with your agent / PRO first to save the hassle.

Hi Dears,

PRO applied spouse visa for me on 11th of March . Today is the fourth day and I checked the visa status in LMRA employer portal with the help of PRO. Its showing in status '' E Visa Awaiting". What is that stage?. I hope visa will be  issued in next week.

Read this thread:


Yes you are very right. Sorry for the dumb post.

bahrain visas are clearly open and i got approved on 6 march . after 7 months  and several rejetion in that period but now its clear . not only me i saw so many people got visa in this month

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