Desperately looking for employment prior to moving

I have been wishing to move back to the UK, more specifically Scotland, for many years.  I have lots of experience with people having worked in law enforcement for over decade.  I have certifications galore with leadership and training, but cannot seem to even get a telephone call after applying.  I had one call  last year who told me that they were interested, however would not take the chance on me since I was currently living in the US.  How do I get an employer to give me a chance?  I cannot move first then find a job... not with a family in tow.  I thought being a dual US/UK citizen with valid passports for both would be a benefit yet still no luck.  Please, someone give me some good advice!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

It's not easy (but you already know this).  The vast majority of people looking for staff want them now, if not sooner, many agencies won't even entertain talking to you when they discover you are not living in the UK.  You will need a lot of luck and a very unique skill set to find that job that nobody else can do, so they will be willing to wait for you to make the move.

Assuming you actually do have a UK passport, it can be done (I did it, but 25 years ago), all you can do is persevere.  At the top of the page is a link to our jobs section, you could try looking there to see what's available.

I know I haven't helped you much, but I do wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Expat Team

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