Abreu & Associates Immigration Services no response after payment

Hi everyone,

Hope you all don't mind me asking, but is it normal after giving a few thousand dollars to these lawyers they do not respond to my emails for help and clarifying details on the next steps to receive my temp visa (from Canada) then my permanent visa in the DR after over a week I emailed them?

I understand this is the DR and not to expect things to be done the same as in Canada, but these are lawyers and aren't they suppose to at the least respond to my email within a week?

I was expecting a response at the least in 48 business hours but this is starting to get worrisome, like what if I was in a emergency in the DR and needed quick legal help would I have to wait weeks for there help or if any response at all?

Anyhow just looking to see if I could Trust / rely on these lawyers from this helpful forum (more specific Maria Abreu since I notice she is on these forums).

I have used this service for the last 2 years, first for my initial visa and for my first renewal. Perhaps there is a problem with there email address as they have not replied to a email I send a few days ago. I don't think you have to worry about your deposit.

Sadly I have heard this from a few people. Maybe this will get their attention.

I will also message them on your behalf!

Thank you both!

With a name that long you know that they will be expensive. Think about the people who sent you to them. .............

Now that is a ridiculous comment, the name is long therefor expensive!  LOL

Well, think about it. Several lawyers, with law clerks, secretaries, office space, investigators, lots of ancillary costs must bill a lot of hours to carry it all & still provide a good income for the partners. The more employees, the more billing required. No excuse for not responding to clients who have paid for service. It Doesn't cost much in time or expence for an e-mail or a phone call.  Sometimes things can get lost or shunted aside temporairly causing a lack of response.  THIS is expensive, mentally & financially. Not to be attentive to a clients needs, a paid one or not, is an expensive Firm.  I admit that I was a bit flippant in my statement, unfortunately, it oft times proves out.  Retorts are welcomed.  Nomenclature gladly accepted in the venacular (sp I know I can't spell).  I also hit wrong keys often because I'm handy capped visually.  I hate that word & all that it implies.

Planner has a point. A long name is a poor indication of billing price.   
i.e. - Macy's is a short name, so is Harrods, but that's no indication of their prices!
I certainly agree; "there is no excuse for not responding to clients who have paid for services."  However, I have been to her office. There aren't "several lawyers", only a small but efficient staff,  (I think I counted 3, a receptionist, a secretary and an assistant), and a very small office. Just for comparison, my 2 bedroom home, humble as it is, is bigger.
Sometimes, things aren't always as they seem or we think it might be.

And clearly not that efficient if they are not returning messages or responding here. I really thought someone would respond here.

Lunica & others points well taken. I may have mispoke, result is the same: ends up being expensive.  However, in general, the larger the office, the higher the hourly billing rate. So now I stand before you abashed, but unbroken. Ready ti sally forth to tilt more windmills or ruffians wherever they may be!  "Carry On Jeeves".

Crazy! I really felt that they were professional,  plus figured they were a large company that does this sort of service all the time, and was thinking of using them when I do our residency. Is there ANYONE from the Punta Cana area that knows a good lawyer that deals with residency? I would really like to deal with someone local as to where I'll be living, and if I have to make a trip to San Domingo to finalize paperwork that's not a problem.

Yes Wilson Rood (Billy) is now in Punta Cana. Email him wilsonrood[at]gmail.com

Thank you!

Clear eyes,... clear mind, ... clear decision, ... thank you.

Before leaving for work this morning my wife told me she  had also been trying to reach them for a few days with no luck.

Hello e911mann,

We received your email dated Saturday, June 2 which we are in the process of responding now as this is the first business day after that email was sent.

Please note that our office is closed on weekends and Dominican holidays. Any emails sent on the weekend will be addressed on the the first business day after it is sent.

For any urgent request feel free to call us.

Thank you. I really appreciate that very fast response. I will update my previous post.

I did not know that I could advertise on the forum. Thank you for clearing up this issue.

What is the criteria for advertising on the forum? 

Planner aka Baby doll. Can you explain how to advertise on the forum?  Thank you.


Hi Bob, you go get a classified or a business ad depending which is appropriate honey!

Thanks Baby doll.



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For comments on lawyers, refer to the section on used car salesmen.

Now that is very helpful.

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