Questions: register in saint gilles commune

Hi all,

I'm trying to have as much as information possible as we will be moving to BXL in September. I have been contacting with the staff in saint Gilles commune.

There seems no difficulty for my husband to register as an EU citizen. However, the challenge arise as a spouse of EU person from non-EU, they are requested me to have civil registration with the commune before issue me a registration certificate. If this necessary?

Feedback or comment from anyone who encounter this before are greatly appreciated... Thx

What do you mean by "civil registration"?

Yes you have to register yourself.

If you are married, you provide the evidence and that might include translations.

Then you are given a document showing you have registered and then wait approximately 5 months, as they check you have no criminal record and that you have not claimed public funds and become a burden on the country. Finally you will be fully registered and you must buy an F card. Make yourself aware of what happens upon break up of marriage and your residual rights.

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