Is it possible for me to move to Belgium in future years?

Hello everyone,
I have quite a few questions so be prepared.

Firstly right now I’m a softmore in highschool, but already working ahead to choose and sort out colleges. My first couple questions are

A) If I go to college out here and graduate, will jobs in Belgium accept my degree? (per se I get a bachelors or masters degree)

B) If I choose to study out there, will it be harder for me to get in because I’m from America? Also will the studies be limited because I only speak English?

Also if I move out there (when I’m 18 of course is what I mean by all this) will it be more difficult considering I only speak English?

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

My experience (well, my kid's experience, I went to Uni much later in life).

a.  It depends, some degrees (medicine, sciences, engineering etc) are main-stream and seem to be accepted in most places.  That said, some degrees can be bought off the internet, these are not acceptable for anything - please do not waste your money on these.  The more obscure your degree, the greater chance you have that it won't be recognised elsewhere.  We had a guy who applied for a job with us who actually had a bonafide degree in golf-course design; he did not get an interview.

b.  No, as an American, you will have to pay for your degree; they will take anyone's money.  If somebody offers you something for free, be very wary.  Many of the courses are in and examined in English - so, not a problem.

c.  Language should not matter in your course; however, it is extremely important to enable you to speak to local people and learn how that country ticks.  If Belgium is your dream, then French and Dutch are the main languages spoken there; my advice would be to learn them; it will really enhance your experience.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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