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Hello. I want to ask. I finished doing dataflow for my health license then when I submitted to mumaris they also want dataflow for my diploma. When im trying to add new dataflow on my account its not allowing me. Can someone please help me. Thank u.

How do not allow it?
What is  the reason?

Its not allowing because the license dataflow that I did before is done already and I can make another dataflow using the same account. I messaged their contact us but I didnt get any reply

Its not allowing because the license dataflow that I did before is done already and I can make another dataflow using the same account. I messaged their contact us but I didnt get any reply

I did not add health licence from my country.
And i opened new account on data flow click on additional documnets and  put the licence.
I am going to pay on monday.
I hope it will not be problems with processing.
I opened data flow without el.number
I got el.number and with him i opened new profile on data flow and upload health licence.
Maybe you will need to get new el.number on mumuris with new email and open new profil ond data flow.
If you used him for first registration

I cant make new eligibilty number because I did already before and they are telling im already registered if Im trying to make new el. Number

Did you try with new email address?

Yes but maybe its not allowing because it is the same name

if you have previous data flow before you cant add new document . You should  create new account in data flow using new email add and get first eligibility number before doing .

how to get eligibility number go to tawasul website then click e. services then select issuing verification eligibility within the kingdom . It takes only 5 minutes to get it. Create new account in dataflow using new email add if you have data flow before because it you will use the old account they will not give you eligibility number.

I had finished my data flow of education using new email add in creating account in data flow . I have previous data flow of license last 2014

Thank you for the help. Yes I tried to make new eligibility with new email address. Now my dataflow is in progress.

Thanks for the info. Such a great help!

Hi.. I have a problem getting an new eligibility nmber because the mumaris system says duplicate accnt. How can i get a new eligibility nmber for me to be able to have my  additional documnts verified by dataflow?

Im still in philippines and i need to have an additional document to be verified

Hi how did u add only bachelors degree. I have the same problem but i cant get through the make payment its not coming i already added necessary information. I made new account in dataflow already. Do i have to connect it with my mumaris account??pls help

Make an account then just upload necessary documents then just follow the instructions

I already did. But why im in the payment page but i cant click the make payment its not coming?

There should be a note if why you cant make it to payment.

Hello! I would like to ask if you make new email address and new eligibility number will you be able to add your previous dataflow to the new one? I already have license and local coe, now my employer requires education dataflow combined with the previous ones in a data flow verification report. Pls help thank you!

No you cant. Just retrieve your email add and password for your mumaris

Hi mam/sir! I need a data flow report the complete ones with qr codes. I already have old dataflow but it only shows the previous data without the whole pvs report. Now I have to open new acct to add my education part, will it appear with my old acct? or it will only show my education and my previous will be separated? thank you

Yes it will be included ones you will complete a set of dataflow

I am having the same problem i want to add new doc in data flow but cant add !

What seems to be the problem


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Just wait 48-72 hours.

I have data flow for education and country registration card my employer need for experience certification I make new email and I have eligibility number while processing person al data I press save and log out instead of next page since that time I can't go next page...     after I try to make new eligibility number  I have new one but they didn't send me activation please what should I do?

they didn't send activation link since 5 days now

Try to log in with the email u created first

Every time I will try to enter with the e. Mail I create first no respond I cannot transfer to next page.

If u made already its impossible that u cant open it.  Can u try to open in a laptop or in a pc

are we talking about the dataflow here or the mumaris?

Hello i also have the same problem. I made a new el.number with the same email and dataflow with also same email address. When i click additional documents option they ara asking for SCHS Referrence number. Can anyone till me what is that and how to get that. 😭😭 thank you so much for all thw answers.

You can easily see it in your past data dlow report.

hi can anyone help me about my problem in my saudi council lisence for renewal  because my certificate of employment in data flow was unverified since 2015 now i want to make add additional certifcate for verification process do i need to make new data flow account? if i will make new data flow account is my mumaris acount not affected? can anyone help me pls if what is good to be done

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