6 months waiting for the family reunification visa

Hi there,

My husband and I have applied for the family reunification visa in Brussels, and just like any other case, we are told to wait for 6 months time for the result. And within those 6 months I am not gonna be allowed to get out of Belgium (I mean I can actually get out of Belgium but won't be able to find my way back inside with the police border). So really? it's like I am gonna be 'grounded' in Belgium for 6 months? So what if I was to get a job within these 6 months and my job required frequent abroad travel?

Does anybody here have experience in this or get hold of some ways to deal with it? Please help me out!
Thank you in advance and have a nice evening!


If you live Belgium before the six months period, you can forget your visa...

Hi guys 
My family reunion get rufusel
If they appeal that rejected
How month they well wait for anwer? ?

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