Sarawak My Second Home Program

As some of you might be aware...I've been needling and nudging the CM, Ministry of Tourism, and Immigration to do some things to make the Sarawak M2H more efficient, better known, and more attractive to applicants. And also to create a structure that will give more of the money brought in by recipients of the visa to benefit Sarawakians.

Well on Friday something finally happened. The Minister of Local Development and Housing (after being nudged by SHEDA...the realtor/developer/property managers group) held a major confab (a "laboratory") to figure out how to improve the program. 19 different ministries, agencies or groups attended!

The problem is that not one applicant or recipient of the Sarawak M2H was there. I don't know if anyone else was invited but I wasn't. So how does one have a "laboratory" without the material being "studied" being in the experiment...sort of like making pronouncements about  mice running through the maze without having the mice there. In fact, maybe putting cats in the labyrinth instead.

So this weekend I rushed together a portfolio giving multiple points about how to improve the program, reduce paperwork, terminate sponsorships (or shift that role to the government), improve the Fixed Deposit procedure, Publicity, etc. etc. all from the perspective of the mice (the applicant).

I put a pretty photo of sunset over the Sarawak River on the cover.

Then went over on Monday morning in  the heat  (initially went to the wrong office building) and arrived only to discover and the security pondok that I had forgotten my passport. "Sorry can't go in". "Sorry we don't deliver materials from the gate to the offices". "Please don't ask people going to see Dr. Sim to deliver your envelope". I decided to wait it out and eventually "Secor" called up to the office and a staff-person came down to get the portfolio.

Here are two articles on the "Laboratory". One might find that even the Minister is really not aware of some of the "actual" requirements of the program that discourages application. … nt-dr-sim/ … g-up-mm2h/

Can't imagine why they didn't invite the nudger who has sent about a dozen emails over the last year to various people?

@cinnamonape Many thanks for taking the trouble to compose and deliver your portfolio - I hope the powers that be take notice.

if I'm 36 years old, married, but without children
Can i ask for MM2H Sarawak ?

lyvio974 :

if I'm 36 years old, married, but without children
Can i ask for MM2H Sarawak ?

Need to be 50+

Thanks Gravitas for your reply.

On their official website : … w/221/279/
it is writting

"Applicants who are 30 years old and above may apply if there is evidence that they have children pursuing further education or undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak."

But i have not yet children :(

Yes, if you had children enrolled in school there you could apply under 50 years of age.

But you don' are thus ineligible.

There are some changes coming, it seems, to increase the number of applicants and reduce the paperwork. But whether this will include allowing applicants under 50 (or perhaps those under 50 that buy property- or have a higher fixed deposit - the latter as on Peninsular Malaysia), isn't clear.

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