Employer not willing to issue a Release Letter / NOC / NOL


I have some inquiries pertaining Employment Pass.

I have been accepted by a new Employer within Malaysia, and have signed an offer letter from the new Employer. However, my current Employer refused to issue a Release Letter. The current Employer mentioned that NOL/NOC only be released to an employee with a chronic disease , or under termination (Work Force Reduction), or other humanitarian reason (unable to have a flight back as there are no flight due to a lockdown - pandemic).

Is an Employer have the right to not to produce Release Letter / NOC / NOL? Is there any other way around this? if i have to serve a Cooling period, how long would it be?

Current Employer - Service Company in IT
New Employer - Service Company in IT

Apart from this, can anyone please advise me the citation for the Visa Categorization ( Category I, II, III)? The one that state it has to be from BASIC salary, and NOT basic + allowances?

Thank you

I'm having same situation right now..
Have you find any useful soluation?
please let me know thank you..

Sadly there was no other solution. MDEC still required the Release Letter from the company.


I think i have same situation with this now.
I finished the contract since august 2020. And now i find the same job in the same field.
But my previous employer refusing to give release letter.
I've been trying all the way to ask for release letter but they still refusing to give it.

Since i finished the contract already and they still refuse to give me release letter, is there any right for us to take a legal step tegarding this matter?
Hope anyone can help


Hi i would like to ask also now Im in the midst of processing of my ep but the mdec informed that they cannot verify the release letter because the signatory responsible of  my release letter cannot be contacted. I reached my previous company hr and he said the hr manager already resigned and they will issue new release letter for me. Kindly need your advise is this possible if they issue new release letter for me without disturbing my current mdec process? What should i do for now? Thank you


Based on my previous experience, I would assume processing a release letter is quite fast. So perhaps you can ask your HR to issue a new updated NOC/NOL and at the same time ask MDEC to hold on the new EP process while waiting for the new NOC/NOL.

We get release letter in ONE DAY. well, its just a letter in bahasa doesn't even take one day only few minutes to put your details on a ready-made template and get the right person's signature.
The problem is with the companies attitude. They will try to delay it because they don't care about you since you have resigned. Keep on pressuring them they will eventually give you sooner than you expect.

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