Any job for me in Liptovsky Mikulas

Hi there,Im Kev and I really love to move to Slovakia I had enough of england.But im scared what if I dont find a job Im 41 year old,I have slovakian girlfriend and she miss her family a lot,so we r thinking to move to Liptov,is there any chance for me to find a job? Hope to here from somebody soon.Thanks Kev.

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You should also post an ad in Slovakia Classifieds -> Jobs section mentioning your qualifications and the position you are looking for!

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Hallo Yud, havent you missed the countryname? You recommend to use the Slovenia Classifieds, but Carpking69 is interested in a region in Slovakia. Slovakia and Slovenia are two independent countries situated in different regions. Curiously, http address is correct: : / / The address corresponds to the Slovakia, Liptov. It doesn't correspond to Slovenia country. Unless the site user interface design has unified the classifieds for people from both the countries under the only h-t-t-p & linkName ....whereas both are in the contradiction.

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I excuse myself for this typing mistake. I have edited & corrected it. May be if you can provide some useful information on the forum that can help the initiator, it would be nice.

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Hallo Yud, dont worry from my previous message. I'm percepting your mistake very cool. I have notified you just for the purpose of accuracy improvement of the site. Regarding my potential advice for the initiator, I m really sorry, but I come from the region rather distanced from Liptov so I can hardly to advice. Anyway in common its a pretty hard bottle for any job (good job) here. I can just advice to CarpKing69 to check a countrywide known http site I guess one of the standard site language is english, many of the curriculum vitaes are publiced in english here, many of the offered job positions  requires english as a primary language.

Hello, will be your best bet. But Liptovsky Mikulas is really small city. I would rather recommend local newspapers, bulletin boards, local social office and of course ask friends. Most of the work in Slovakia is agreed by friends, you need contacts. But if you look for some international companies with operations nearby, that could be good bet. Also consider teaching english, recently passed a law, that also uncertified native speakers could teach english.