English man with Slovakian wife looking for work in Slovakia..

HI.. I have just married my Slovakian other half and with our small baby plan to return to Slovakia to live and work.. Her family are located on trstena however work in zilina or similar busy town would be preferable . I have yet to learn Slovakian but am starting to. I have previous experience in being a pub landlord, a kitchen designer , taxi driver, office manager, door supervisor and bar manager . i am looking for employment which is mainly English speaking that would provide a good wage for my family . can anybody help ??

I've been living in ilina for just over 2 years. My advice is to look at what American English companies are around the area I don't work in ilina I work in terchova because there is a English manufacturer there and im a manufacturing engineer. This is how I found my job, also ask your wife if she knows anyone working for any companies in the area of ilina. Normal wage is from 400 to 500 euro a month. Slovakia is built on automotive manufacturing and IT. You could try getting of of jaguar land rover in the uk and see if they have anything because there factory will be running in 2 years and are employing now. Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply... My main concern is if 500 Euros a month is sustainable compared to living costs .. Im.used to earning maybe 2000 a month here... We have house that is virtually mortgage free in Slovakia so would save costs there.

500 to 600 should be ok. you got to compare living costs slovakia is alot cheaper for food electric and gas, i was suprised council for tax is something like 20 euro. I would recommend you both work, 1000 euros and up and you will live very very comfortably but also closer you work to bratislava the wages increase.

Apartment prices are reasonable and mortgages are real cheap but you would have to put the mortage in your wifes name due to you not being a slovak national, permanent resident, trust me its easier get rid of alot of paper work. I was able to buy a flat double the size of the house I had in uk because it was cheaper here 90000 euro bought me 120 square metre flat.  There are english speaking jobs and if you got experience in what they need then it wont matter about speaking slovak alot of business in europe is done in english. There is a johnson control in zilina try them they might have something for you.

90000 euro for that size flat seems great value, i am into property development also so these things interest me greatly. We would definitely both work so i think would easily cover living costs. I have contacted Johnson's and a few other IT companies, hopefully i will get some response from them ! Thanks for your replies !

if you are into property development.  This is an ideal place,  i know a few people here that buy apartments cheap do reconstruction and then sell them and they are making a very good profit on this, some are making a living doing it.  Also the renting side id good, especially around zilina because there is alot of korean coming back forth due to kia and mobis.  Also best to contact companies directly in slovakia dont use the uk based companies. You could try Kia and Mobis if they have any jobs but the problem with them they mainly only hire Koreans for the office jobs and slovaks but you could be lucky. The only problem with these 2 companies apparently they are not very nice to work for as I have been told thats why I am very reluctant to try to work there.

Only problem is with buying and renovating, would be a problem as i am not Slovak national ? Everything would be better in my wifes name ?

yeah thats the way to do it.  but after a few years of living here you can become a slovak national which is what im going to do I think its after 3 years you can apply. you dont need to know the slovak language to get it, because you are married to a slovak you can become a slovak national without having to pass the language speaking and writing test this is what ive been told, my id card is different from most people who move here, i have a birth number which is an identification number to allow me to buy a car for example on a lease deal and be part of the mortgage when i apply for my next id i can get a perminant national but its alot more paper work. But i will be honest i like living here more than living in the uk can be a bit tricky sometimes especially when you have to deal with only slovak speaking and my slovak is very basic, my wife has to help with alot of things, in work i can manage because i deal with factory floor operators who speak no english but its getting better, and i can communcate with them and understand technical problems.  I will try to find out if there are any jobs around from people i know.

That's great thanks. . should have basic language in place by time we return . . i am quite excited by prospect of move and opportunities .. Especially in the property arena. The prices are a million miles away from uk in terms of what you can get . .
Thanks for your help !

Did you find a job? Maybe I can be of help!
Let me know.

Fee offers of part Time work teaching English but nothing permanent or full time ..

hello guys hope everything going well.iam sorry for interrupting but i.need help and advice. about marrying slovak girl whats thé steps To do? papers.... things To do .... and iam sorry . thx alot guys best regards

@adilushko > this topic is about work in Slovakia, you should start a new thread on the forum by introducing yourself. Thank you.

oh i didnt know. when it was mentioned slovakian wife i directly started To ask .thx for showing me what To do
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