Self employment

Hi Can anyone help me with what I need to do to become self employed, I.e - is there a website that I can use to register myself ?



No website but quite simple.....once you are a resident.

Whatever you do you have to have residency.

Once you have that go to the Klient Centrum on Tomasikova and apply for a Zivnost. Its costs between €4 & €12 depending on the trade. Some trades are qualified meaning you need certification some are not. (I think this translates to licensed and unlicensed trades)



I am applying for  Zivnost but this requires a criminal background check. I have this from Ireland, but they will not accept it because they say it needs to be specifically for self-employment. I cannot get any further information concerning what is required. There is only one type of criminal background check possible to get in Ireland (where I was living). Can anyone help with this?