Moving to Zilina from UK

Hi can anyone help, next April im moving to Zilina with my Slovakian partner im hoping to find work where English is spoken.
I am currently a line technician for a manufacturing company and am slowly learning Slovak roll .

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris,

take a look at is the best site to look for jobs in Slovakia. Many posting as listed purely in English.
You partner can help with the language barrier to get around the site. Once you learn it is pretty easy.

Zilina has many international companies in the automotive industry. I worked for one of them for a couple of years without having to speak much Slovak.


Hi Jay,

Where did you work, was it easy to get the job and what sort of salary would I be looking at?. Thank you for the info much appreciated.

Hello Chris

I was pretty much in your shoes a few years ago, don't worry take the drive and jump in the deep end.  Slovakia is a bit like the 1980's still, I like it that way, so life is not as crazy as the UK but what can make you crazy is the paperwork involved in anything like ID and getting a car.  I have some recommendations for you on what to do about a car, let me know if you would like my thoughts on a car and work and anything else.