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Slovakia is in Central Europe bordering Austria and the Czech Republic. It’s one of the understated destinations in ...

About Slovakia

Slovakia had political and economic challenges to overcome after gaining its independence. But in recent years, it has flourished, and now enjoys a relatively stable economy. However, there is still a significant disparity of wealth, with poverty mainly affecting the minority population of Romani.

The population of Slovakia is a mix of different ethnic groups. Slovaks are the majority, followed by Hungarians, Romani, and Czechs. Slovakia is predominantly a Catholic country, and as such, there are many religious celebrations throughout the year.

Bratislava is the capital city, and in recent years it has become a popular tourist destination. With its magnificent castle, cobbled streets, and historical sights, it isn't hard to see why. For those with a more modern taste, the city offers music festivals and art galleries, amongst many other cultural activities.

Regarding employment opportunities, Slovakia has joined the EU, which has led to an increase in foreign investment, and has created an upcoming job market. The services sector is the main sector for employment opportunities, with manufacturing coming second. Slovakia is known for its car manufacturing market, with some of the biggest brands continuing to open up new factories.

Quick Information

Capital : Bratislava
Official Languages : Slovak , Hungarian
Currency : Euro
Area : 48845 Km2
Population : 5455000
Calling Code : +421
Timezone : Europe/Bratislava

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