Do you speak Slovak?

Hi everyone,

It is widely agreed that speaking Slovak is essential for a successful integration in Slovakia. Do you agree? Share your experience!

Do you speak Slovak? If so, where did you learn this language? Where can one attend a language course in Slovakia?

If not, how do you cope with daily activities? Is it easy to communicate in a different language with Slovaks?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I speak" beginners" slovak after 2 years residing in Slovakia.
Yes. It is essential to speak Slovak in Slovakia. Otherwise it is hard for you to blend in their culture. You do not need to speaks fluently but at least show some passion that you are eager to learn and understand their culture. It is not a bad thing to learn something new. On the other hand, looking for a job will be a tough challenge for you if you don't speaks Slovak. You can only aim for International company (just my personal opinions).

I agree with fookning , I am living in Slovakia for two years as well and sometimes is really frustrating to live in a country that you can not understand their language well.
I start to work full time from the first months of my resident so It was always hard to attend to a language school, if you have more free time that would be possible to learn basic language maybe in three month,I do not have experience about other cities than were i am living but if you are coming from a big city  maybe you will be disappointed how hard it cat be to learn Slovak.

I have been living here just over 2 years I now speak very basic slovak.  But people are very good here. I am showing interest in the language and trying and people are very paitent, they do like that you try.I always get a giggle of girls in the shop because they know immediately that you are not native but they like that you try.


Well thanks for your interest in sharing Slovak Language, yes i think it is very important as language is the first step possibly you can well settle and stay in any country. I am a learner...learnt a bit and still going on by knowing and meeting more slovakians... ;)

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i am also learning the language , it is hard in spelling and memorizing, but somehow i am managing myself,,, Slovak language is the 5th hardest language in the world, i think it is time to change some rules to make it easier for learning, because most Slovaks don't know why it is like this when you ask them, they only answer we grow up using it as such,,,mostly the language is using the exceptions of the rules, and non native speaker has to memorize these exceptions, which are sooo much , any way we have to succeed our goal and keep learning until we get it so good luck to everyone :)

I dont speak alovaks . But am studying now slovaks language . In language centerum in bratislava . Its not so difficult language

hi, i don't much , but im learning . you must learn slovak , if you want to stay and work here, that is final . so i'm learning more by more .

Greetings to everyone who is trying to learn the Slovak language. I know that it is not easy for a foreigner to understand the rules of our language, and I confess that some rules are against logic and even we native Slovaks do not understand them. only the academics who invented it understand them and it causes unnecessary complications for the common man. But I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you a lot of patience while learning.