Slovak authorities trick Hungarians

Hello, I used to live in Slovakia, but originally I'm from Hungary. In Slovakia I had good business and house but a few months ago I received a letter from authorities of Nitra Region and the letter said that authorities are ready to buy back my property and business for a very good price but with one term - I must leave Slovakia and go back to Hungary. Well, the price they offered was double against market-value of my belongings and of course I agreed and besides I was considering leaving Slovakia for a long time since aversion towards Hungarians here grow strong.
After I packed all my things and forwarded them to Hungary I was waiting for the compensation, but I still can't get it from Slovak authorities. At first they said my compensation will be insignificant because its biggest part was spent for execution of documents. And later they told me that I won't get anything because I voluntary passed all my possessions to Slovakia.
A few years ago Slovakia was disappointed with Hungary's simplified denizing for Hungarians who live in nearby countries, but I see that Slovakia decided to cheat its Hungarian population and became rich at our cost. Everybody knows that Slovak authorities use backstairs politics but who could imagine that they will go so far. If you get from them a letter with some attractive offers, be careful. You know what happened to me.

I'm sorry that this happened to you. But to be honest you are not the only one to dislike Slovak authorities, many Slovaks dislike them too and sometimes they get played too.

While doing business in any country you should never act on just promises - there must be official contract signed and if the deal sounds good to be true then I would even pay a lawyer to check the contract before signing it.

Live long and prosper.

Took me 5 years to get my grandparents land that the locals were using. Paid a lot to have it returned and yes, they try and screw you every way they can. 
I learned find a strong notary and ALL papers signed.  Cash upfront.  Can't tell you how many times I've been screwed.
My mom is Slovak!!!  They don't even respect an elderly lady. 

Get a good lawyer and make your docs public.