How to become a digital nomad in Slovakia

Become a digital nomad in Slovakia
Updated 2017-10-11 11:14

Slovakia is in Central Europe bordering Austria and the Czech Republic. It’s one of the understated destinations in Europe, but with that come advantages of living and working in the country.

Why Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the European countries that offer great value for money, making it a robust hub for digital nomads. Slovakia is not among the cheapest European countries, but the money spent here won't be in vain. Surprisingly, the country has a relatively large, and you will find several prominent coworking hubs.

Easy access to a big international airport in Bratislava makes the country a right spot for arranging further travels. The only potential problem could be the language barrier, as not many people in the country speak English.

Best cities to work from

Bratislava is Slovakia's capital, economic, and cultural centre. The city is a friendly mix of old, new, urban, and rural. Here, you will find an exciting nightlife with rooftop cocktail parties, as well as ballet and theatre performances. When the time comes to dedicate yourself to work, there's a good selection of coworking spaces and a friendly community of like-minded nomads.

Bratislava is the country's most prominent city and most travelling freelancers choose to settle here. However, there are smaller towns in the country such as Nitra, Poprad, and Zvolen, which are interesting to explore.

The internet and coworking spaces

Slovakia boasts a good internet speed with the average of 14.0 Mbps and you will find stable Wi-Fi access in most coffee shops in big cities. There are several popular coworking spots in the country's capital Bratislava, and you are sure to find networking opportunities at the city's meet-ups and conferences.

Coworking spaces in Bratislava

Connect, Košická 4226/37

The Spot, Námestie SNP 488/30

0100 Campus, Staré Grunty 18

Leisure in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country of castles such as the castles of Spiš, Bratislava, Devín, Bojnice, and TrenÄín. There are many beautiful nature spots around the country's towns and cities, and several big national parks (e.g. Poloniny National Park and Low Tatras National Park).

What to know before arriving

Slovakia is a member state of the Schengen Zone, and those with a National Identity Card from the Schengen Zone can travel to Slovakia with just their IDs. Those requiring a visa must apply for one ahead of time at an Embassy or Consulate in their home country. From Slovakia, you can easily travel to other European countries, notably the neighbouring Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland.

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Map of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Slovakia

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