Jobs for english speakers in slovakia

Can someone please help been applying for jobs in slovakia have alot of managerial experience mainly in distribution but only speak very basic slovakian!!! help!!!

this is most popular job website in slovakia, take a look at it, very often is for companies sufficient if candidate can speak English (usually in Bratislava)

dont´know why my link isn´t visible, it´s

You might try putting your resume on, you can add which languages you speak and your level.

I could help you if you like.
I am pure slovakian, so could translate stuff you need for you.


Thank you everybody for your support, I am trying to find a role where obviously only basic slovakian is needed and its hard, I have management experience in distribution and logistics but the jobs that are available are mainly in the IT Field.

Fustrated!!!! please help.

PS can someone tell me about trade license in Slovakia?

Is it possible to get teaching jobs there in Slovakia? I am from the Philippines and currently teaching here in Shanghai, China.

I can help you.
My email is psmaret[at]

Hello psmaret,

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Gareth Morgan wrote:

Can someone please help been applying for jobs in slovakia have alot of managerial experience mainly in distribution but only speak very basic slovakian!!! help!!!

While (commercial - for profit) English Language Schools worldwide boast that English is the "Universal Language of Business" that is really only a hook to get potential students to sign up for language courses. Sadly, many English speaking expats seem to take that propaganda as "gospel" and find themselves sadly disappointed when they discover that in most non-English speaking countries, in the workplace nothing substitutes passable fluency in the local language. You can't always find someone who is willing, or even has the time, to act as your translator/interpreter in most workplaces.

As both an expat and an English teacher (ESL) with a career of over 27 years I am speaking from experience.  While you might be able to get by with English only on a two or three week vacation in some non-English speaking nation, long term residency there is a completely different story - believe it!

James       Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello important things to consider what kind of VISA you have ? you have temporary residence?

Hey Gareth,

I have not had any difficulty finding jobs and interviews that only require English!! I am doing some with French too but that is because I speak French! If you check out profesia . sk that is the site that I have been using, and use google chrome with it because it automatically translates the site for you!! I have had great success clicking on international companies logos and going through their job opportunities as opposed to trolling through all of the jobs!

Good Luck!  :)

You can choose to have profesia in Eng. That's how mine is set up.

Hi I'm Em. And I'm from Philippines. I wanna ask if it's possible for me to get a work in Slovakia. Thanks and have a nice day.

Maybe you could try to look at Amazon's web page. They're opening a new center in SK and will be hiring people.

There is also jaguar landrover and other suppliers of theirs setting up in Nitra

Good day everyone
As we moved from Dubai to Slovakia after a big slowdown in economy and jobs in the are, it was the choice to be here where my wife's from, unfortunately I still can't speak Slovak language, but I speak, read & write Arabic and English, doing my best level to take care of my wife and our 3 years old daughter, finding it hard to find a job for a non-Slovak speaking in the country, i have a residency and work permit and hopping if some one can help me find a job to start my new life in this beautiful country, I have lived 43 years in Dubai and now we live in Trencin.
Hope to hear from you with the best tips and help.

Hi Husam. 

I'm not sure the opportunity for jobs here is much better :) Especially for non Slovaks. A lot of people find it difficult to get a decent job.

What previous experience do you have?

If I were you I would look around Trencin / Zilina for any big international companies that might deal with Arabic speaking customers or suppliers. Offer your services however you can. Maybe use LinkedIn to do some searches, or look on Profesia . sk. Not speaking Slovak however is going to be a problem for most of the bigger companies.

Other options are to teach English or Arabic, if there is a demand for it, or look to teach online using an online platform.

I understand with a young kid you don't want to be out working 24 hours a day, and travelling too far for work is going to be difficult too.