Work for English man in Zilina area

Hi all,

I have been living here for almost two years now. Can anyone help, I really need to find full time work I have 12 years history of working in the production industry and no matter which job I apply for no one will give me a chance because I dont have a Degree. I am willing to do anything, I am currently teaching English but its not what I want as its not full time or secure.
I have tried all job websites and am running out of ideas.

Thanks a lot


Chris. Sorry to hear that you are finding it hard to find suitable employment.  Have you tried the large multinational companies?  Kia and Tesco are in Zilina.  They are always looking for English speakers.
Unfortunately a lot of companies cant see the value of vocational qualifications unlike the UK.
Try expanding your network and maybe find a job that isnt visible to all.
Best of luck.

Hi Chris

Like you I have the same problem.
I am living in Piestany now for just over three years.
I have over 18 years senior management experience in construction developments.
Since the economic crisis the jobs market completely changed and I can't get a reply let alone a job. I was the director in charge of a billion euro contract in Ireland, then nothing.
If you master the Slovak language then you will be able to gain employment.
Good luck in your search.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply. Mastering this language is the top of my list I just wish it was a bit easier 😕.


I know how you feel, I've had a series of teachers who just don't show up or keep cancelling lessons etc, when you're trying to learn you need constant input and practice.