Noisy Neighbours - What are my rights?

Hi there everyone

I bought a flat in Martin a few months back, new building. Once the building was finished we moved and after that my neighbour on the top floor of me. Despite of the fact that we had some problems in the past few weeks concerning parties they were doing, we tried to talk to them a few times, we called the police, and so far so good parties seem to have stopped, at least the music has stopped, we sill here people talking, 6-8 people talking and walking after 22:00.

Now the biggest problem is not that but is that we can hear pretty much everything. We hear each walking step the do, we can hear people talking, we can hear people coughing, we can hear when they move a chair to sit, it is really disturbing particularly at night, because you are trying to sleep and you are hearing someone walking on top of you back and forward and sometimes even worst, in high heels that seems to be that someone is hammering your roof at 10pm!

Now, I am concerned that the quality of the building is not the best or they have not used a proper isolation when they installed their tile hard floors, the whole apartment is covered by hard floor, big tiles, and I believe this is the problem.

As I am in Slovakia and I don't speak the language, I don't know what to do next. I would like to see if you can help me to point me out how to find what are my rights in relation with noise in apartment buildings, and also about the construction materials law to check if the builder have complied with this regulation, there must be a regulation on that regard. Also I would like to know if it is legal to have such a type of floor without the proper insulation, or what to do when you cannot sleep because there is people walking on top of your head and that is distracting, and I believe not healthy.

I have also thought to go to a solicitor, but just to know my rights may be the forum is the first step to see if you have seen or been in a situation like this in Slovakia, and what did you do or what would you do if you were me.

Any information or help is much appreciated, I am really concerned about this issue. I cannot sleep! =(

Many thanks in advance

Buy a new place, you can also contact the local council office which can help with problem neighbours.


Hi Andres contact me i was living in Martin before i have good lawyer friends there,my name in Andy
[email protected]

You also mentioned you don't speak the language,how do you live there?

welcome to Slovakia :). you know the best would be change place, but i know its not practical. dont forget you have rights to live freely also they have the same rights,

as you clearly mention , it is problem with poor construction.  in this case its not your nb problems either:).

So you got 2 choice: 01 find another place 02. get used to it :P

because i dont think they will change the floor just because you cant sleep :P. you know get some sound prrof plugs while you get used to it.

shit happens.... deal with it :)