What to expect when moving to Slovakia

Hello everyone,

Is there anything you wish you had known before moving to Slovakia? For example, transportation, internet speeds, types of housing, aspects of the culture or social life.

In your opinion, what's the most important thing to know about Slovakia?

When would you recommend someone should begin planning their move to Slovakia?

What were the most helpful ways you found to get organised? For example, did you use a checklist, were there any particularly useful websites or apps?

What advice would you give to future expats preparing to move to Slovakia?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi, it depends where do you want to live in Slovakia. I think for foreigners are the best choice Bratislava. In Bratislava are many companies where you can easily find a job without the Slovak language (Mostly IT companies like an IBM, Dell, Lenovo etc.)
I will write about Bratislava because I live here and I know how it works here.

We have quite good public transportation which is relatively cheap. 27€ per month. Then you can use the buses, trains, trolleybuses, trams etc.
You need request for transportation card. You will get the card here:
Unfortunately, it is only in Slovak. But if you have the way to main train station, you can get the card there and some workers there speak English.
Using your car: also it depends where do you live in Bratislava because during a week we have big traffic jams. Then it doesn't matter if you are sitting in your car or on the bus.

Speed and cheap internet. Obviously not like in Korea, but for 15€ you can get 100mb/s download and 6mb/s upload.

Most people in Bratislava live in the Suburbs. There is many facebook group where you can find a shared room or whole flat.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Byvanie … A/?fref=nf
Popular locations for people are Ruinov, Petralka, Dubravka, Rača.
And how I said it depends where is your job.

Aspects of culture:
Slovakia is still a quite conservative country. We were before communistic country. It's a reason why many people here don't speak with any foreign language. The people here seem like a cold. But when you will get to know them, they are really nice and hearty. Also Slovak people love to drink beer and other alcohol :) heh

Social life:
In Bratislava are many opportunities to do something interesting. Many concerts, big pubs, and bars.

My opinion:
If you have decided to live here, you should learn the Slovak language. It will be much easier to find friends and have a good time with Slovak people. We really love when some foreigner speaks Slovak (Also my parents love when my girl tries to speak Slovak).  You should count with staring at you if you are "different" (mean not white).

I hope it will help you. If you have some other question don't hesitate to ask me.