Expats in banska bystrica.

Hello all  :)
my name is Matthew Mifsud and I am currently living in banska  bystrica with my slovak  wife.  I have been living there for the last 2 years and I've haven't  met any other foreigners living there yet. I've just joined the group today hoping I'll find expats in this city. Also,  if anyone knows of any classes that can be done part time in the area to learn slovak  as I am really struggling with the language.

Hope to make contact with all :)

Kind regards.

Hi Matthew,

I am a South African born Aussie married to a Slovak living in Banska bystrica. I moved here in Dec 2007 and returned to Perth in 2012. I have now come back to be with my family and return at the end of April.

I was an ESL teacher here for 4 years and can introduce you to other expats in the town as well as advise you where and how to learn Slovak.

where are you from? and which part of the town do you Live in?


Hello :)

Thanks for getting in touch. I am living in podlaviće so really not far from banska  city centre. I work in the UK  so always trying to balance my home and work time. I was asking around for lessons and one person wanted to charge me 25e  an hour which has put  me off seeking help in the past lol.

Ps.  I've got family living down under :) . Must have been a big culture shock when moving from one place to another.

Hi again Matt,

You can try Contact Ján Gréner at iC Centre Jazyková škola (www.ic-centre.sk)  as he provides Slovak for foreigners Courses and work in conjuction with the Local university so as to provide international student state recognised language certification in accordance with EU education recognition framework.

His Contact details are as follows:

Ján Gréner
+421 911 403 004
Lazovná 11, Banská Bystrica.

I also recommend purchasing a books titled:

Slovak for you/Slovenčina pre vás.
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/538 … ak_for_You


Slovenčina ako cudzí Jazyk
https://cdv.uniba.sk/ujop/predaj-knih/u … zi-jazyk-a


May I ask what work you do In England?

regards Michel

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Good morning Michel,

Thanks for that info ill definitely look into it.

I work in the offshore industry as a chef working on oil rigs. You have them in OZ  as well as one time I was looking into moving down under and found my company Sodexo  operates there as well. 
I was looking at teaching English part time here in Slovakia maybe privately as I dint have any experience whatsoever. How did you get into teaching?



Hello i live on and off in banská Štiavnica not  to far from  bb

Hi there,

I noticed your comments in this thread when I googled teaching English in Banska Bystrica. I'm moving there with my Wife in March and would be greatly appreciate any advice that you might have on teaching English there. I've been teaching English in Bratislava for the last 2-3 years and have really enjoyed it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


Good evening . Don't know if any of you are still in the town , but I moved to Banská Bystrica last month . Would love to have some advise ect on work or just a friendly chat.
Cheers Lewis

Hi Lewis,

Snap. I've also just moved here and on the lookout for work.

Where are you from in England?

Best regards,


I'm in Prievidza, just down the road ( about 40 mins )

Can't say much for teaching in BB, I don't know about it there. But I've been teaching here for around 5 and a half years so far, and still going!

Hi Benny,

Sounds good. What's the going rate per hour with teaching over there?

PM if you like.



I'm from Cambridge mate. All completely new for me here but willing to give it a good bloody go. Give us a shout when you're free fella

Hi, I can come to any place to teach cooking, massage, martial art, as I am a master in these things among many many other subjects award from the princes of Thailand a lot of different awards as well. If anyone wants to arrange some courses for me to do of course we will split the profits= Example massage for neck, shoulder courses 4 hours learning from a master 50 euroes= 10 people minimum, or bigger profits for more people of course. In all cases, you would book the place, time, price, advertise and that would be part of your job?

Is this still valid?

Hi guys, Im living in Banská Bystrica over 2years. Im slovakian but lived in Uk over 15 years...I started to miss the british culture and my uk friends, if anyone is interested in a friendly chát sometimes  :) Happy Easters

Hey everyone. I'm Slovak living in the UK for about 9 years and I'd like to meet some expats here in Banska Bystrica while I'm visiting my family. Please let me know if you'd like to meet for a drink or two :)

@matthewmifsud Hi Matthew. My partner is from Banska Bystrica and I am Maltese. Soon I will be there for a short holiday on the 28th Dec , as till now we are living and I work in Malta. We are planning to retire in Slovakia. Till then I have to prepare myself to live there. My big concern is the slovak language but for sure I will comunicate in english language as well. I know that it will be better to know basic slovak but I have time to learn some slovak words and meaning 1f600.svg from my partner. I came there already  there for 10 times and visited a lot of places. I like Slovakia very much and looking forward to start to live there.