Can i travel to slovakia with this marriage certificate

Hi my name is shahnawaz warraich and i from pakistan but currently living in italy i am a asylem seeker in italy  and i married with a slowak girl my question is this can i travel to slowakia with this merraige certificate and if i move to slowakia with this girl what will be further process to get residency in slowakia and which documents i must have

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For more information about getting residency in Slovakia, i invite you to click here : … -slovakia/

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Hi, I am Liza, Cambodia. I also married with Slovakian as well. My marriage was in Slovak and I got marriage certificate from Slovak. I would tell you my flow how to get permit for living in Slovakia. You need to apply permanent residence from embassy of Slovak base in your country or if your country doesn't have slovak Embassy office you can search your neighbors country and when you email to make appointment with them.
Document support:
- ur criminal record from your ministry of justice and translate and legalize from Ministry of foreign affair
- your marriage certificate ( but I don't know, u get it from ur country or Slovak, it would be a bit different if u get from ur country but u can discuss with embassy what their advice and if u get from slovak u don't need to do anything just give them the legalized copy from notary office
-  your wife address
- her work place and income (bank statement)
I think that's all from what I did.
I think best u contact and discuss with embassy bcoz it is their work to help you and it will be great to have details information because I worry if all what I tell u it will be different from your country need.