Moving to Slovakia from England in August

Hey everyone,

Wondered if any Brits currently living in Slovakia could offer some advice on tax, benefits etc that  still apply whilst living in Slovakia. Either from the Slovak government or UK government.
I have two young children and wondered if I was entitentitled to any state benefits. I plan to work self-employed in Slovakia.

Any advice would be most welcome before I tie up loose ends here in the UK.

Regards ...Paul

Hi Paul
We moved here last year, my wife is Slovakian and we have a e year old son.
From what I know, if you are unemployed for at least 6 weeks in the UK you can then apply for that benefit to be transferred over to Slovakia for 3 months. We didn't get it because the lady in job centre said she can email me the forms so we left, and once in Slovakia she said we have to pick them up in person so at the end we left it, couldnt be asked to deal with all the bureocracy. more info here … -allowance
You won't get any unemployment benefits in Slovakia because you have never worked here. You can apply for child benefits, 30eur a month per child. And if you have small kids and your wife is planing to stay home with them you can apply for parental benefit 200 eur per month per child up to 3 years of age. Do you mind me asking what's bringing you to Slovakia? I love it here, wanted to come ages ago but everybody was saying R u crazy? Slovakia? Which part of SVK are you moving to?
Hope I helped a little

Hi there

Thank you so much for your reply and the info it was really helpful and will speak to the job centre. We are moving to a little village called  Dvorany Bad Nitrou near Topolcany (1 hr drive from Bratislava). I have 2 kids, one 11yrs and one at 19months. We have built a house on my wife's parents land and is ready to move into. How did you find learning the language as it is quite tricky. Did you go on a course or just learn it on a day to day basis?
I can't wait to excited. Where do you live and what do you do for work?. Did you speak to the inland revenue before you left to make them aware and all that?...Any tips you can give me before I leave the UK?
Talk soon....Paul.

Hi Paul

The language is very difficult to learn actually as I was told it is something like the 3rd most difficult language due to the mutations. Ive been living in slovakia for almost 3 years, I am learning slovak its better to have lessons, trying to learn by yourself not a good idea you need to understands the basics correctly i had to basically unlearn what I knew and start again luckly my company pays for me to have lessons. But I love it here best decision I made my child can play safely and Im not as worried about bloody child snatchers or thugs, plus more holidays here for workers better weather, skiing in the winter swimming and hiking in the summer, the perfect life

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the language is quite tricky to learn. I think I may follow your advice and take some lessons to understand the foundations of slovak grammar.
I can't wait to move...

Hi Paul
I live in Krompachy in Spisska region, work in IT company in Kosice, English company language so not a big issue there for not speaking Slovak but I'm learning slowly, they are teaching me and my wife's family too but I get by. If I struggle I use the translation app.
Before you leave there is P85 tax form you should fill in and yeah contact all the authorities that you are moving. Be prepared to translate a lot of docs. Sorry must dash, baby up :)

Hiya, I think I will follow your advice on taking private lessons. Will checkout the P85 also.
The area you live in is absolutely gorgeous, my wife's best friend comes from Kosice it's a beautiful location.
I understand you can get job seekers allowance for 3 months when moving abroad. I guess the child benefit stops as soon as I leave the UK though?. Paul

Yes beautiful area,close to mountains etc. Yes child benefit,tax credits, all ends when u move. Tell them in advance the date if you know otherwise they will keep paying u and then ask for money back. It took them 6 weeks or so to stop TC :)

Hi there

An update: spoke to job centre about JSA on moving abroad, but they said that I would need to be unemployed for a full 4 weeks before i leave the uk to register for job seekers allowance so there is little point in me quitting my job 4 weeks earlier just to get the allowance.
Ah well...looking forward to my move though 😀

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