Car registration ?...need help if i can get it

Hi to all........i will be moving permantly to Sk soon and want to bring along some sort of vehicle with me......i prob bring one from Uk...does anyone know if i can register it in SK ?....i suppose the issue will be right or left hand drive....i know that some countries in EU dont allow for the reg of R/H drive vehicles.Anyway i spent all of last summer in SK around the Humenne area and would be happy to answer any q's if i can help.


Hello Tim,
I just moved from Germany to Bratislava. I was informed that I don't have to register the car in Bratislava. As long as I have a plate from Germany and the green insurance card for Europe I am fine.
Hope this helps (even though not with the question of right or left hand drive).


Hi, i have just moved to a small village just outside Humenne.  I would also like to know how to register my LHD Beetle, it seems to be a bit like the black arts over here to get anything done!!!!

That depends on how old is the Beetle and if it passes the technical

Hi Tim,

Hope you doing well.
Were you able to find out more on bringing over a car from the UK?
I am looking to do the same in March 11.

Please let me know.


Having a car from the UK for an extended period of time does become a problem as you can't get a right hand drive vehicle registered here so this then requires you to have international insurance and travel up and down for MOT's.  With the cost of petrol currently 1,47 per litre is it worth it!
Quite a few web based car sales here so you could find yourself something.
Unfortunately no idea about the registering of whatever you may purchase but it sounds like a few visits to the police station with a fair bit of paperwork.

Has anybody tried to sell a UK car in SK?

Hi guys

I'm about to take my UK car to Bratislava.  Any advice on current registration and insurance requirements there.

Also, what's the deal with winter tyres?

Cheers, John

Sorry mate but its a nightmare. You can only register certain rhd cars here and its expensive. Better off buying here or on the continent and bringing it in. Also insurance will be a lot cheaper.

Hi, John it is not possible to register a RHD car in Slovakia :(, you need to bring a LHD and register it which is very expensive. I moved here in April this year and it worked out cheaper to sell my UK car and buy a LHD one here. Basic insurance is about 100 euro's and registration about 70 euro's.



Thanks Chris ..... have just renewed my UK tax/insurance etc, so have given myself another year to sort it out.  Need to sell it and buy a LHD I think.

Cheers, John

I would still recommend buying an lhd in Slovakia or Europe rather than buying in UK will work out cheaper.  Good luck anyway.

Yes mate ..... I intend buying out on the continent.  Will just be selling my car in the UK ..... thanks for the advice.

Cheers, John

Hi All,

My car was originally English - RHD. I've matriculated it onto Spanish number plates (so I'm pretty sure it's EU compliant).
I imagine it will now be treated like any other EU car if I want to register in Slovakia?

Just register as leaving Spain And register in Slovakia?

Hi all,I moving in slovakia soon,and I want take car,Ford Mustang 5l GT,where I can find info about slovakian license plate?how much will cost ?thanks for info

@dbbloke and ciaplinas, I'm sorry to be a party pooper but I don't think it's going to be possible as you can't register RHD cars here. You can use your car on your present number plates for 3 months as far as I'm aware,
Cheers Denise

RHD = not possible, or very difficult / expensive.

Importing LHD cars is bad enough, plus they calculate the fees based on the BHP of the car, meaning yours will be expensive :)

However, I have just seen that you're from Lithuania, so the car might be LHD. In this case, it will still be tough, lots of paperwork and likely expensive but the people I asked don't know how much, it varies so much.

If the car is from the USA, they don't recommend it, as lights and lots of things have to be changed.

Check this website

If you add up everything there, and expect them to find some more things for you to pay, you must be looking at minimum 3000 euro and a LOT of hassle and headaches.

Welcome to Slovakia :)

Just to update this.

it is possible to register a uk rhd drive cars in Slovakia.. In fact I am driving mine on Slovak plates for the last year and a half.

Things to consider:

a) It will need to have the technical test done
b) UK headlamps bend to the left. I had to have my headlamps replaced to bend to the right. Replacing both units can be quite expensive.
c) Insurance is a lot more expensive for right hand drive cars. As far as I can tell only csob will insure a right hand drive car.

In all it cost me €2,000 in total to have the technical tests as well as the headlamp conversion done.

That depends on how old is the Beetle and if it passes the technical

Hi please where you have been done the first inspection in Slovakia and when you sent 2000 is including insurance?

I had it done through a friend.. I can try and find out details.. As far as I can remember there were only 2 places that were dealing with the technical controls for right hand drive cars.. This was excluding insurance.

Hi I will really appreciate that thank you I will make registration for mini Coper 2009 so I guess will be no to expensive

Looking at buying a left hand drive car in UK & taking it with me to Czechia/ Slovakia. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?
Thanks for your time

Wisteriaman13 wrote:

Looking at buying a left hand drive car in UK & taking it with me to Czechia/ Slovakia. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?
Thanks for your time

Buying a car specifically to drive it in Slovakia from the UK is probably not a good idea.. You'll probably need to get the headlamps converted and go through the technical inspection palaver for a British car.. I did it and it was fairly expensive.. You're better off trying to buy a car in Slovakia or from Germany or Italy.

BTW the guy who did my right hand drive paperwork and conversion isn't doing any more as he found it too much hassle...

Thanks for that, however as stated, looking to get a left hand drive car in uk. (usually brought in from Germany etc) and take to Slovakia. Looking for advice on what the process is to have paperwork transferred from Germany, France, etc into Slovakia or Czech Republic

Yes but a left hand drive car from the UK would need to comply with Uk standards for headlamps.

See here … he%20road.

If the car was registered and MOT'd in the UK then it would need to comply with the UK MOT standard for headlamps. Left straight forward and right has a beam cut off (In Europe it is the opposite).. Some cars can be adjusted via a screw or a lever but it is dependant on the car.

Also a colleague of mine has been looking at importing a car from the UK to Slovakia. He's been told that the only way is if it is brought over for 6 months and kept on the UK plates and then he can have it registered as a personal import. He would need to have the v5c registered in the UK somewhere for 6 months beforehand. Otherwise he would have to pay import duty.

Thanks for that. The car would not have been converted to us standards yet. Lights etc. as I will get it when it arrives from Europe. it's just the change of rego etc from Germany, Spain, France or wherever else the car may come from. Not sure of the process required to change over.
Thanks again!

I found some info here:

An originality check for imported cars.. There must be garages locally who can do the same thing?

Thanks for that!

Just asking! I heard that it is possible to have a UK registered car MOT`d  in Slovakia so that it is valid in the UK. A garage in Zilina was mentioned. Any info on this? Foxdar

@foxdar Hello.. It is not possible. A Car must be MOT'd in a UK based testing facility.. I had to drive back to get this done. In the end I had my car registered in Slovakia, before Brexit took effect.