Driving licence in Slovakia

Hi All,

Would need your help and opinions......I moved to Slovakia about a year ago and would need to make a driving licence. Does anyone know of how to do this best (don't speak Slovak but English and German).

Please help - thank you.


You must have a residence first.I think the translators are not allowed anymore. Police was afraid of cheating during exams. You have to do it in Slovak language only or obtain the license somewhere else and then ask the Slovak license based on the original one.

Yes, translators are not allowed, since they are considered a hazard, cause the interpretation may not always be accurate.

do they accept the international licence?

since the beggining of 2010 there is no more english drivign course in slovakia and every candidate should speak slovak language.

because they can not teach english to police, they chose to teach slovak to every foreigner. bulls.it.

anyways so you have to have slovak course and slovak test. i was checking online tests and believe me there is no way to understand written questions without knowing proper slovak. you would be able to figure out what is the question from the pictures but at least 15 question without any picture and only writing...so you must know slovak to pass the course.

they accept EU countries licences only.

The cost to transfer another EU country drivers licence into a Slovakian one costs 6,50 and about a day at the police station.

Hello! you can replace your local driving license with Slovak one if you resident to Slovakia .
After 180 of issuing your card and in 90 days you can replace ,you need to take your local along with a paper stating that you have a driving license then legalize them from Slovakian embassy abroad or with Slovakian foreign ministry , translate them and take it to the police special for issuing license .
they should replace it with Slovakian one in two weeks and 650 euro and that according to the law.
However they might ask you to pass test , I am not sure if this according to the law but you know how some people behave.
I have the link which is written only in Slovak if someone want to translate to guide the rest ,would be nice.

anyone know if there is a list of countries that are recognized for the transfer of a license? (as in non-EU)

Hi, international licences are accepted according to Vienna treaty and Geneva treaty. But beware, they are valid just for some time (usually 1-3 years). Also you can do your driving license in any country in Europe and it will be valid in Slovakia. Consider doing your license in some country, where translator are allowed or some English speaking country (but Ireland and England are driving on left side, what will not discriminate validity of you license).