Traveling to East Slovakia

I'd like to visit  east areas of Slovakia where most of the world heritages in Slovak Republic are situated. But I heard people in the east don't speak much English and it's hard for non-Slovak speakers to travel because only the way to get there (except for driving an own car)  is by local transportations. Has anyone who doesn't speak Slovak traveled there? I've just started learning Slovak recently and know very basic phrases only.

Hi Catcat!

I hope other members will be able to help you soon ;)


Thinked over, there are better places to go!

I lived in the East for a little over two years. Basic phrases will go a long way, and most of the heritage sites have English accommodations as well. Transportation is often frustrating, but if you know the basics of Slovak, you can get through it. Spiš Castle, for example, has an English listening guided tour. It depends on your interests, but it's a viable option.

Thank you for the kind information.
Actually I visited Spiš Castle and Levoča already and I liked them. Probably I'll visit Kosice and other small towns next time :)

Hi CatCat :)
Just wondering if you have done the trip to the Eastern Slovakia yet. If so, how did you like it? If not I'd be happy to be of your assistance as I am Slovak from Košice. The only problem is I don't live there, but I'll be there in the end of December.

Not yet. I'll spend Christmas time in my hometown, but thanks for the message!

Don't worry, you will be ok. You can take the train to most places and English will be enough.

Most of the heritage sites have info. in English too. Local buses might be a little more of a challenge, but the stations have pretty understandable timetables.

If you have problems just ask someone young, they usually speak some English, even in the East:)

Just have fun, it's all part of the adventure. Good luck.

This might sound like a dumb idea but before you travel google translate a few phrases to cover potential situations and then if you need them you have them on a page of paper.
My first train trip was a bit daunting but it worked out well.  If you travel from the main rail station the announcements are also done in English.  Ticket purchase is also not an issue as I have always found someone young and able to understand me, you will get helped but might not get a reply from the person if you have questions, perhaps the logic of ‘I sell tickets – this is not the information desk' is in operation.

I highly recommend going to the SME office and get a copy of the Spectacular Slovakia – read about it at:

No matter whether you are Slovak or a foreign traveller – the newest edition of Spectacular Slovakia for season 2012/2013 introduces the beauties of the country to everyone, combining the unique approaches of different Slovak and foreign journalists. Spectacular Slovakia takes readers on a journey through 200 colourful pages, featuring fascinating stories and showing images from around the country.

Yes it's in English.

Definitely travel Slovakia – so many adventures to be had!

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