Immigration advice

Hi all,

So, I'm currently living in the UK, but my girlfriend lives in Slovakia with her son. She's Russian and has only a Russian passport, but has permanent residence having married a Slovak citizen 10 years ago.

I've not been able to find a definitive answer, but, I'm potentially looking to move out there to be with her but will be a self employed software developer working for my current employer, can anyone guide me in the direction of some resources to help me figure out visa requirements, whether I satisfy the conditions for a visa and, if marriage to my girlfriend would have any effect on my residency status?

Finally, any online resources/tutors to learn Slovak would also be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Monkeymatic,

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I hope that you will have the answers to your answers very soon.


Priscilla Team  :cheers:

Marriage would have an effect on your application for permanent residence. One of the options for application is family ties, eg marriage.. It also depends where you get married.. Quite easy if you have a Slovak marriage certificate.. Overseas ones need to be translated and notarised. do online slovak lessons and they books are quite good..

Also mondly for self study are not bad....