Retiring in Slovakia

Hello everyone,

Why did you choose to retire in Slovakia? What are the advantages compared with your home country?

What were your main considerations when deciding to move? For example, taxes, ease of transferring your pension, etc..

Are there any specific formalities you had to go through as a retiree moving to Slovakia (for example, is there a particular retirement visa)?

What is Slovakia's healthcare like? Have you had any good or bad experiences dealing with healthcare professionals?

Do you have any tips for other retirees in Slovakia?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Dear All,
I decided to retire here because I have no living family in the UK, I would like to stay close to the friends I have made here, my pension will go further (If BREXIT doesn't spoil the current situation!) and despite the pain in the arse, very often baffling public services, living here is just so much more relaxed. The majority of people are friendly and decent folk, the country is clean and inviting, full of wonders and spectacular scenery. You can get close to nature even living in one of the few big cities.

Hi everyone,
I am about to renew my 5 year temporary residents permit.

Due to domestic problems with my Slovakian wife, we have separated, but not yet divorced.

So my application, and reason for staying in Slovakia, will be changed from Rodina... to Other..

I will inform the Police on my application, that I wish to remain in Slovakia, as a retired person, rather than one that has family connections over here.

Does anyone have any advice, experience, or thoughts on this matter?

How difficult is it, to gain permanent residence in this country?

Sorry, not much info that I can offer, but I would be interested to know the answers.

I have a meeting later with somebody who might know the answer, so I will ask anyway!

Where are you from originally? That might affect it. I know a lot of US guys have problems with residency.

Thanks for the reply.
I am from England originally.
I would love to stay here, but at the moment, with the Brexit, and marital problem, I feel a little disconcerted..  But there is always other options I suppose.

How long have you lived here?

Yes, I understand. If you've built up other relationships and got used to the place you don't want to go back to England or somewhere else.

I'm also from England, been here coming up to 5 years. I need to check my residency too :)

Do you have to go to Trencin to sort that out? Worst place in the world, I always end up doing 3 or 4 trips because they change their minds on what papers they need to see, there is always a problem :)

Hi Benny,
I have to go to Trnava for my documents. I was recently there to change my address. They were helpful and I did not have a problem. But it's up to them, if they refuse I will try another country. I won't go back to the UK, only as a last resort.

Aha, I wasn't too sure which district you had to go to. You've got a good one there then!

I will ask my student today if she has any info regarding retirement. If yes, I will send you a message later tonight.

I guess you've looked at the various official websites already?

Yes, I do look at the internet. As usual, a lot of the documents tend to be ambiguous and contradicting. But I will apply in October, and see what their decision is going to be. My current permit is until Mal 2019, So I will have a little time to sort out my options.
Thanks for any information you may be able to obtain.
I have a good Slovakian friend that speaks English, he lives in Bojnice, he can only help with translation mostly though.

Ok, I will be meeting my accountant and a lawyer later today, so I will ask if they have any experience with this. I'll take a guess that they haven't, as it's not typical for this small town to have any foreigners, let alone any who are ready to retire here! But you never know :)

Maybe contact the British Embassy in Bratislava. They're not very good at replying to emails or questions in my experience but you can try! :)

Bojnice is a great place, I'm there most days and can see the castle from my balcony.


I am looking for information on how to retire in Slovakia as a British  Expat eg!  is the procedure still the same, as when the UK was an EU member. this is very important.

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