Exchanging my foreign driving licence

I wonder if it's possible to exchange my foreign (non-eu) driving license to a Slovakian one if i live in France ?

You can use a non-EU DL (I used mine from Asia) but you must be a resident in SVK.

i am not sure you can do that, depends which side you driven in your country ?

what i did was i went to autoskola and finish the course and got the driving license just like slovak does

It was easy.  Just used my HKG DL with Embassy Slovak translation.
Have a 15 year Slovak DL now.

what paper work did you require when visiting ?

I don't remember -- 4 years ago.  Just need Slovak Embassy to translate, apostille and it was one of the FEW easy tasks to be done in Slovakia ;)

mastersonstarwin wrote:

what paper work did you require when visiting ?

I realize now the problem.  Like in HKG, US DL's need to go for a driving test/classes. 
If you had an EU or Canadian, Asian DL = no test or school.
You probably used a US DL.