Marriage to Slovak National


I am due to marry my Slovak fiancee in 5 months, in Slovakia . I have been given a list of documents i need to get 'apostilled' including proof of residence , citizenship etc. Has anyone been through this process and therefore can give me advice on exactly what is needed. I have looked on government web site but not much help ! Any advice appreciated. . .

Thanks !

I know there is alot of documents involved. I married my wife in the UK. But I can give you the nightmare I had having my son christened here in zilina.  The church that we attend refused to do it because I didnt speak enough slovak, their excuse was that I wouldnt understand and therefore it would mean nothing to me plus because I wasnt catholic even though I attended church every week with my wife.  Luckly the another church in zilina would do it but there was alot of documents just for this.. This happened three years ago it still leaves me pretty angry with this as my wife wanted our son to be christined in the church that she attended from a child and her whole family go to, my mother in law is also a volunteer at the said church. Just hope it all works out for you