English tutor seeking work orava area

I am a 37 year old man, married to Maria who is originally from Trstena in North Slovakia. We are moving back to the area in 2021 and I am looking for work teaching English on a private or group basis. I have relevant TEFL qualifications and links to work inside the UK. What's the best way to advertise myself or find work once we arrive?

Many thanks

Hi mate, late reply as I never visit this site anymore! This is what I would do if I started over again.

Don't start the ball rolling when you get there but now. Look online, find local language schools around there. You might have to be prepared to travel to bigger towns, maybe Namestovo, only 20 mins by car or so.

You want to be contacting as many small schools as possible. Most of them would be happy to have a Native English teacher as that's still seen as a huge positive. TEFL is good, if you have CELTA or a higher qualification you could work in bigger, more official schools but I don't even know if any exist there.

Be prepared to be offered fairly low money for the amount of travel / work involved. In smaller towns the norm seems to be €10 to €13 per lesson, depending on whether it's individual or group. You might think you can do 10 lessons per day but the schools probably don't have that many to offer you, and even if they did, it's not sustainable with the planning, travel etc.

You'll probably be paid cash and on paper paying the min social insurance contributions. If you want to stick it out, look into becoming self-employed after a bit, as then you're not limited to the school and can branch out on your own.

If you can I'd say cut your teeth with the smaller local language schools but as soon as you feel comfortable, start approaching larger companies, even online offering lessons. Only do groups, not individuals. Much easier to scale up to a half decent salary.

To get your name out there, approach a local newspaper seeing if they want to do an article on a foreigner living there. Worked out pretty well for me. Get involved in varios activities, get your name out there.
If you're going to go to the trouble of making a website, get someone to write all the copy in Slovak so it actually appears in search results, as people don't think to search Google in English.

Good luck and enjoy it!

have you secured the job yet?