Looking for expat opinions before moving to Slovakia!

Hello there!

I am Aurélie (French) and I just got offered a job in Slovakia.
The job would be in Kechnec but I believe I would move to Kosice.
I would like to get an insight of the city of and of Slovakia before I take my decision.

Would anyone be available for a chat about that?

My main concern would be meeting new people, as I already know the struggles of moving alone to a new country.
Is there a community of foreign people there?

How woud you describe life in Slovakia compared to France/UK/Germany (where I've also lived)?



Hello and welcome to our forum,

I hope you enjoy it.

Although it is not my region. So I will leave for more competent colleagues to answer the pointed questions.

You might already find a lot of answers to your questions by reading:
- Guides published by the site under the "discover" tab
- Old discussions that you can even filter through the magnifying glass located next to your avatar.

Most of the questions have already been debated many times.

Hi Aurelie,
I think there are a few French people in Kosice, we have a Cafe de Paris (makes and sells macarons) and French is taught as a second language from high school. One schools offers it as a speciality. There's an Allinace Francaise so you're sur to find activities there. I also speak French fluently (if a bit rusty) as we lived near Poitiers for 24 years.
You could try contacting Myriam Leclerc on Facebook. She was here for 2 years with her husband.
Good luck in your decision making,
Denise Sutcliffe