Work Permit Question

Hi all,

I am British, been in Malta for almost a year now and been working for 8 months.

When I got my work permit from my first job it was valid for a year and stated the company and my job title. I have now moved jobs, and although it's only 8 months into my work permit, it's obviously not the same company or position.

The new company are swedish and only employ myself and one other person on the island and aren't sure of the procedure. Any ideas as to whether this permit counts or if they have to apply for me now? Also does this have to be renewed every single year?


you (or rather your company) needs to re-apply


At the moment you are working without a work permit as the original permit only counts for the company and job that it was originally granted for.

From the May onwards EU citizens do not need a work permit but have to register with the ETC. The new registration counts indefinitly as far as I know.

You or your company should contact the ETC about the new registration procedure and permit.


Hi All

This is Althaf , Indian currently living and working in Qatar.
I wish to come to Malta as I've explored the job opportunities are more. I'm considering some websites for  applying for jobs in Malta, but am not getting response even though i have 10 years of UAE experience  . I'm aware that full-time employment in Malta needs a work permit and a work permit needs a job offer at first, so is it a good idea to visit on a tourist visa or applying any independent visa from Qatar, work on casual jobs and look for jobs there as employers usually prefer onshore candidates or might it be a fast process for applying from overseas. 

Your suggestions please? Will be grateful.....

Best Regards

I would suggest you start a new topic as the one you are on is from 2011.